What would a test tube of pure DNA look like?

Q: If I had a test tube of pure DNA, what would it look like? … Read more

Baby aspirin may lower ovarian cancer risk

Taking low-dose aspirin is a daily routine for many people because it may lower the … Read more

Assessing the risk of radiation from all those scans

Researchers: CT scans, X-rays, and mammograms all contribute an unwanted, but acceptable, amount of radiation

An X-ray for knee pain. A CT scan for a head injury. Mammograms every other … Read more

Pharmaceutical industry may turn to blockchain

Blockchain believers have delivered little more than hype, mostly failing to get it deployed outside … Read more

Feldenkrais may be a gentler way to combat pain

The exercise therapy reorganizes connections between brain, body, supporters say

In my first Feldenkrais class, we lay on our backs with eyes closed and drifted … Read more

Health questions related to medical cannabis

Q: Medical marijuana is now legal in the state where I live. What conditions can … Read more

Lawn mowers cause 6,394 injuries yearly on average

Mowing the lawn can boost your home’s curb appeal and gain you physical-activity points, but … Read more

1 in 3 eat fast food on a typical day, and all day

If you’re an adult in America, there’s a better than 1 in 3 chance that … Read more

James Allison, Tasuku Honjo win Nobel for cancer research

STOCKHOLM — Researchers from the United States and Japan won the Nobel Prize in medicine … Read more

Don’t ignore symptoms of heart disease

Even physically active people who control blood pressure and cholesterol with medications should heed warning signs

This is the story of my brother’s coronary bypass surgery. It contains three critically important … Read more

How much strength training is just right?

The aerobic exercise guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine and other fitness groups … Read more

Autism-friendly in America’s Spam capital

AUSTIN, Minn. — The tall teenager with the buzz cut opened the museum door, extended … Read more

Are rattlesnake bites linked to weather?

If you’re startled by a rattlesnake, blame the weather. An analysis of 5,365 snakebites in … Read more

Daytime sleepiness linked to Alzheimer’s

A new study links daytime sleepiness with the accumulation of the plaques in the brain … Read more

Treatments for restless legs syndrome

Adding iron, getting more exercise and consuming less caffeine may help

Dear Mayo Clinic: Is restless legs syndrome hereditary? Is there an effective treatment, or does … Read more

Muscle Loss due to aging can be reversed

“Use it or lose it.” I’m sure you’re familiar with this advice. And I hope … Read more

FDA plans meeting on breast implant safety

Women who believe their breast implants made them ill have been pushing the U.S. Food … Read more

Organs infected with hepatitis C can now be transplanted

New antiviral drugs that promise a cure for the millions of Americans with chronic hepatitis … Read more

The homeless get sick — ‘street medicine’ is there for them

FORT WORTH, Texas — Toting a huge olive-green backpack stuffed with medical supplies, physician assistant … Read more

Risks from e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes may not be as harmless as many people think. A new study suggests they … Read more

When is a baby fully protected by vaccines?

Q: I’m pro-vaccine and having a baby in a few months. My sister refused to … Read more

2 million teens vape marijuana

Almost 1 in 11 American students have used marijuana in electronic cigarettes, heightening health concerns … Read more

How did you feel about gym class?

Your answer may predict how often you exercise today

Think for a moment about your school gym classes. Did you just grin with fond … Read more

Some healthy seniors are contemplating suicide

On a March morning in 1989, Robert Shoots was found dead in his garage in … Read more

Tips for overcoming jet lag, straight from the doctor

We like to think we have control over our bodies, but the opposite is often … Read more

Teen who got first adult-to-child lung transplant thrives

It has been a little more than five years since Sarah Murnaghan left Children’s Hospital … Read more

Are chemicals in some plants potentially lethal?

Q: I read about something called Datura in an old mystery novel. Mixed with honey, … Read more

A cardio link to Parkinson’s

Symptoms of poor cardiovascular health may be linked to an increased risk for Parkinson’s, a … Read more

FDA targets e-cigs: ‘Epidemic’ among kids

Responding to an “epidemic of nicotine addiction” among young Americans, the U.S. Food and Drug … Read more

Energy drinks battle over which is less healthful

The battle of the energy drinks — Monster versus Bang — could play out soon … Read more

FDA issues warning about unproven kratom benefits

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a new warning Tuesday to two companies that … Read more

Study: Active shooters are twice as deadly when a semiautomatic weapon is involved

Any time an active shooter opens fire in a school, a church or anywhere else, … Read more

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