Trump moves to ban flavored e-cigarettes

Trump administration officials, alarmed by new data showing a huge jump in vaping by young … Read more

Oregon, 32 other states pass laws to reel in drug prices

Whether Congress will act this year to address the affordability of prescription drugs — a … Read more

Number of Americans without health insurance increases

Poverty decreasing, but median income at same level as 1999

The proportion of Americans without health insurance grew significantly last year for the first time … Read more

Some addiction clinics market unproven treatments

Jason was hallucinating. He was withdrawing from drugs at an addiction treatment center near Indianapolis, … Read more

New parents join a movement of hiking with babies

Taking young children outdoors benefits parents and kids

Six-year-old Mason Hodges can rattle off any number of plant and animal species when out … Read more

Juul warned over claims e-cigarette safer than smoking

Federal health authorities on Monday blasted vaping company Juul for illegally pitching its electronic cigarettes … Read more

Contaminant found in vaping products linked to lung illnesses

WASHINGTON — State and federal health officials investigating mysterious lung illnesses linked to vaping have … Read more

Battling lice is a $1.9B business

Whether you kill them with hot or cold air, attack them with chemicals or natural … Read more

Can hormone stabilization keep suicidal thoughts at bay for women?

Alyse Ruriani, 24, is living in recovery from the depression and suicidal thoughts that plagued … Read more

Health retreats: A tonic for the body and spirit

Breitenbush and others offer some peace and a quiet place to focus

Focusing on wellness and spirituality when you are at home is often difficult. You’re surrounded … Read more

Giving birth in rural Oregon

Health care providers struggle to provide high-quality care in communities with fewer births overall

Itzel Wiewel was determined to control the circumstances of her second child’s delivery. Her first … Read more

Five mental tips for improving your physical well-being

As a physical therapist, kinesiology instructor and health coach, I’m often asked “What’s the best … Read more

Bend is a ‘perfect storm’ for melanoma

Wearing sunscreen today? If the answer is no, maybe you should be. Recent data show … Read more

Gun owners and mental health professionals aligning on suicide prevention

A rare alliance between gun enthusiasts and mental health experts has resulted in a culturally sensitive way to talk about suicide

Suicides rates are rising, and the role of guns is stark, unavoidable and contentious. So … Read more

Eating poultry instead of red meat could lower your breast cancer risk

Good news for women who can’t quite bring themselves to go vegetarian but don’t mind … Read more

Pregnancy and pot: Study seeks answer, draws critics

CHICAGO — Pregnancy started out rough for Leslie Siu. Morning sickness and migraines had her … Read more

Pot users: Tell your doc before surgery

DENVER — When Colorado legalized marijuana, it became a pioneer in creating new policies to … Read more

Program’s goal is to prevent nurse suicides

SAN DIEGO — Nurses commit suicide at a significantly higher rate than the general population, … Read more

Pfizer will merge off-patent drug unit with EpiPen maker Mylan in restructuring

Deal to up profit on generic drugs

Pfizer agreed Monday to combine its off-patent drugs division, which controls treatments like the statin … Read more

E-cigarettes spawn worrisome addictions

When her son was a high school freshman, Kristin Beauparlant noticed a change. The hockey … Read more

Brain scans of U.S. diplomats stationed in Cuba add to mystery

Advanced brain scans found perplexing differences in U.S. diplomats who say they developed concussionlike symptoms … Read more

Even one small glass of juice or soda a day can increase cancer risk, study says

Scientists have warned against drinking too much soda or juice. Now, they believe even one … Read more

Papaya outbreak highlights FDA’s food safety challenge

WASHINGTON — Salmonella infections caused by contaminated papayas highlight the challenges federal officials face in … Read more

Scientists are closing in on blood test for Alzheimer’s

LOS ANGELES — Scientists are closing in on a long-sought goal — a blood test … Read more

A peek into opioid users’ brains as they try to quit

BETHESDA, Md. — Lying inside a scanner, the patient watched as pictures appeared one by … Read more

New Oregon CCO contracts focus on behavioral health

Oregon has picked the winners in the $6 billion-a-year coordinated care sweepstakes. In the biggest … Read more

Is cold brew better than iced coffee?

Around this time in July — when our ever-shortening spring weather takes a sharp right … Read more

Penn finds a way to reduce ICU doctor burnout

Cutting the length of rotations in medical intensive care units in half also cut rates … Read more

Suicide rates have increased 33% since 1999

The suicide rate in the United States increased 33% between 1999 and 2017, the Centers … Read more

Dikembe Mutombo is a big help in getting the Ebola message out

NEW YORK — Unable to send disease fighters to help battle one of the deadliest … Read more

How to make sustainable lifestyle changes

Just days into the new year, legs pumped furiously and arms swung back and forth … Read more

Wildfire smoke to spread across U.S.

Health problems expected to increase, scientists say

BILLINGS, Mont. — Climate change in the Western U.S. means more intense and frequent wildfires … Read more

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