Lab techs are often the unsung heroes of patient diagnoses

Deep in the bowels of St. Charles Bend a group of health care providers toils … Read more

OHSU is home to one of the most advanced microscopes on the planet

Portland has long been a draw for hipsters, foodies and craft beer enthusiasts. Now it … Read more

Music can help long-distance runners find the zone

Runners, like other athletes, often listen to music to get into the zone. Feel a … Read more

Talent. A scholarship. And severe depression.

Something was wrong. He could sense it. The feeling had been stalking him for months. … Read more

Let these apps count your steps

Taking steps is easy. Counting them, well, it depends on which app you decide to … Read more

Avoiding the No. 1 mistake in helping grieving children

The classroom was escalating quickly. With one, swift kick, the desk that perfectly fit a … Read more

Medication lockboxes can save a loved one

The call came from a harried resident physician rotating in the pediatric intensive care unit … Read more

World War 1 was ‘the chemists’ war’

Remnants of the race to make chemical weapons lurk under Washington, D.C., neighborhood

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Under a canopy of poplar and oak trees, a team of geophysicists … Read more

Cholesterol: dietary vs serum

How does one influence the other?

Q: What is the evidence that dietary cholesterol or other fat influences serum cholesterol? Foods … Read more

Study: Minorities most vulnerable from wildfires

Having grown up in San Diego, Ian Davies has strong memories of the 2003 Cedar … Read more

St. Charles removes gender from patient ID wristbands

Last month, the St. Charles Health System made a small change that represented a huge … Read more

Get your flu shot now, doctors say

If you’ve waited until now to get your flu shot, your procrastination may actually pay … Read more

Surgeon pioneers kids’ paralysis treatment

A Washington University surgeon has pioneered a technique to attempt to restore some function in … Read more

Forget gluten: Fructans may actually be the problem

Americans love to designate dietary devils. MSG. Fat. Carbs. Gluten. The latest food to be … Read more

A machine could choose your next prescription

What once seemed like a scene from a 22nd century sci-fi movie is reality today. … Read more

Less-invasive cancer surgery leads to more deaths

Women who had less-invasive cervical cancer surgery 4 times more likely to see cancer return

New evidence about a cancer operation in women finds a higher death rate for the … Read more

Study: Mom’s voice works better than smoke alarm

A mother’s recorded voice will wake a child and get him out of the room … Read more

Are some people more sensitive to medicines in general?

Q: I rarely take pharmaceutical medicines but when I must, I always seem to have … Read more

Daylight Saving Time stumps hospital record-keeping

Modern technology has helped medical professionals do robot-assisted surgeries and sequence genomes, but hospital software … Read more

Central Oregon’s favorite sports take a toll on shoulders

Mountain bikers, skiers, kayakers contend with injuries

Elite multisport athlete ­Sarah Max was competing in a multiday mountain bike race in Colorado … Read more

Research may help compulsive hand washers

Watching a video reduced distress levels, severity of OCD symptoms

Thirty-one people were filmed washing their hands with soap at a basin. Thirty-one were filmed … Read more

Coffee may reduce rosacea

Yet another reason to drink coffee: A new study suggests it can be good for … Read more

What are eye floaters?

Q: There are several dark spots and cobweblike strings in my vision. Is this something … Read more

St. Charles to close Redmond birthing center

St. Charles Health System announced Monday its decision to close the family birthing center at … Read more

Guns send over 8,000 kids to the ER each year

Gun injuries, including many from assaults, sent 75,000 U.S. children and teens to emergency rooms … Read more

A cure for now: Why CBD is everywhere

It’s hard to say the precise moment when CBD, the voguish cannabis derivative, went from … Read more

Teens, caffeine isn’t your study buddy

Excess can lead to problems with health, performance in school — now and later

This article is for all of the teenagers out there. Society regularly expects you to … Read more

Are calcium supplements safe?

Q: Are calcium supplements safe? The short answer is probably yes. Many people, especially women, … Read more

Vitamin D boost won’t aid bone

Vitamin D supplements do not help prevent fractures, increase bone mineral density or prevent falls … Read more

Doctors: As illness strikes dozens of children, CDC is being too cautious

LOS ANGELES — LaMay Axton watched in horror as her granddaughter Cambria stumbled and toppled … Read more

Trump officials make it easier for states to skirt health laws

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration announced a new policy Monday making it easier for states … Read more

This new device could make running faster and easier

A newly invented wearable device could provide support, succor and an unexpected boost in speed … Read more

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