Food synergy: Pairing foods for the most healthful benefit


Avocados + Tomatoes The fats in avocados bring out the lycopene in tomatoes. Lycopene is … Read more

A classic childhood fantasy for all ages

Diane Schmidt says most kids seem drawn to the idea of riding horses — and … Read more

EcoWellness: Time outdoors is good for mental health and wellness

Nature abounds in Central Oregon. Mountains to the west, desert to the east, there’s no … Read more

How to spot an eating disorder in time to help

Eating disorders pose serious hazards to adolescents and young adults and are often hidden from … Read more

Cellphones and crosswalks: a hazardous mix

Pedestrians who are using their phones cross the street at a slower pace than others, … Read more

Among older patients, hospital readmission is high

When she moved from Michigan to be near her daughter in Cary, North Carolina, Bernadine … Read more

Addressing the fears of prescribing a child medication

Whenever I write about children getting medications for anxiety, for depression or especially for attention … Read more

What causes morning sickness?

Q: Why don’t we know more about what causes morning sickness? With millions of data … Read more

Report: Social factors are undermining healthcare in Oregon

Poverty, food insecurity among factors affecting health outcomes

Oregon’s efforts to improve the health care of its residents are being undermined by the … Read more

Alternative Cancer Treatments May Be Bad for Your Health

Herbs, acupuncture and other so-called complementary treatments for cancer may not be completely innocuous. A … Read more

Hives in the City

Q: Is honey from hives on New York City rooftops harmful because of pollution? A: … Read more

Why take diet advice from a cave man?

Despite its benefits, the ‘Paleo’ diet may not hold up against more flexible options

It seems these days that every third person I meet is either already on the … Read more

Death of sibling with a severe disability is not a relief

When my brother, Alan, died suddenly at age 43, I received the usual condolences, and … Read more

Local athletes see cannabis-derived compound as a pain-relief alternative

They use cannabidiol in various forms

During a winter run last year, Renee Metivier slipped on black ice and snapped her … Read more

FDA seeks to tailor length of opioid prescriptions to patient conditions

FDA commissioner explains plan at roundtable discussion in Bend

The Food and Drug Administration is developing new opioid prescribing guidelines that would tailor the … Read more

Dogs can get rattlesnake vaccine — but does it work?

Whether the vaccine offers protection in dogs, horses is uncertain

As a bird hunter in Oregon, Scott Linden often takes his hunting dog, Buddy, into … Read more

Meditation and no coffee: tips for a healthy commute

As August arrives, the summer commute into work becomes a sweaty endeavor marked by crowded … Read more

Health is all in good timing

Regulating when we eat, or don’t eat, may be critical

Nutrition scientists have long debated the best diet for optimal health. But now some experts … Read more

Pancreatic cancer cases on the rise

As an avid reader of obituaries, I’ve been struck by how many people these days … Read more

Why companies may be sharing more about a CEO’s health

Fiat Chrysler’s announcement that its hard-charging CEO was being replaced following “unexpected complications” after a … Read more

Our national parks: breathtaking and polluted

Anyone traveling to a national park in the hope of enjoying some fresh air may … Read more

Is there a correct dose of aspirin?

Q: What is the right dose of aspirin? A daily dose of baby aspirin is … Read more

Central Oregon combats health impacts of loneliness among seniors

New friendship line launched for older adults, disabled

Every day Dr. Kristin Stratton sees one or two elderly patients who say they are … Read more

Review: Sleepbuds offer the promise of blocking snoring

There comes a point in many relationships where one has to say, “Honey, you know … Read more

College students’ eating habits can lead to health conditions

If your diet consists of coffee, Top Ramen, pizza and anything free, you might be … Read more

Does moving in place while seated count as an activity?

Q: Does ‘moving in place’ while seated (for example, flexing or extending feet) count as … Read more

Women with heart failure more likely to die

The incidence of heart failure has declined overall in both sexes in recent years and … Read more

Study: Lower your blood pressure, lower your dementia risk

For patients with high blood pressure who hope to ward off dementia, doctors have the … Read more

Kick added sugar in sports drinks

Homemade alternatives to sports drinks like Gatorade satisfy children and adults — without all that sugar

Nike recently launched a Gatorade-colored collection of Air Jordan sneakers in honor of the sports … Read more

Good news for diet soda drinkers

A new study by Yale University researchers found people who drank diet soda after beating … Read more

Exercise — a lot of it — can help with weight loss

Can working out help us drop pounds after all? A new study involving overweight men … Read more

The power of positive people

Are you spending time with the right people for your health and happiness? While many … Read more

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