The former manager of the Madras Budget Inn is facing charges he allegedly robbed and beat a hotel guest with a baseball bat and forced him onto the streets in his underwear in the middle of the night.

The criminal investigation into Oscar Armando Canas also yielded an additional indictment containing charges of sex abuse against a young relative.

Canas has been housed in the Jefferson County jail since November, when he allegedly robbed and assaulted Floyd Calica, public defender for the Warm Springs Tribal Court and a former Warm Springs Police officer. The trial in the robbery case is expected to start next month.

“The case certainly has an interesting fact pattern,” said Jefferson County District Attorney Steve LeRiche. “And what he’s alleged to have done to his victim was definitely unique.”

Canas is charged with second-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, possession of methamphetamine, first-degree burglary, second-degree criminal mischief, third-degree theft and first-degree robbery.

Just after 1 a.m. Nov. 14, Madras Police were sent to help Calica, who was walking outside in only his underwear. When Madras Police officer Brent Schulke arrived, the public defender was shivering on a street corner with apparent blunt-force injuries on his arms and legs, according to court documents. Schulke interviewed Calica as he sat in the back seat of the Madras patrol vehicle.

Calica told Schulke that he and his girlfriend had been drinking that night at the Madras Pub with Laurie Gonzales. Calica had to work in the morning and told the women he needed to leave.

Because Gonzales and her husband — Oscar Canas — managed the Budget Inn at 133 NE 5th St., she offered Calica a room so he wouldn’t have to drive or find a ride home. The women dropped him off outside Room 39 and drove off to visit another friend, according to court documents.

Calica told police that as he was attempting to go to sleep, Canas entered the room with a silver baseball bat and demanded to know where his wife was. Calica said he didn’t know.

Canas then allegedly struck Calica with the bat in the left arm and shoulder and asked again. Calica pleaded with Canas to stop, but the hotel manager insisted on hearing where his wife was and who she was with.

When Calica tried to use his phone to call for help, Canas hit the $800 iPhone out of Calica’s hand with his bat and smashed it when it was on the ground, according to court documents.

Canas threatened to kill Calica if he didn’t provide better information, and swung the bat full-force at Calica’s head. As Calica attempted to shield himself, Canas struck his arms instead of his head.

The hotel manager then told Calica to remove all his clothes. As Calica got undressed, Canas hit him in the leg, according to court documents. He demanded Calica’s car keys and forced his hotel guest to walk off the property in only his briefs.

Calica walked to the nearby Shell gas station hoping to find help, but it was closed. A passerby saw him and offered assistance.

Calica told police the pain from being hit with the baseball bat was the “worst he ever felt.” According to court documents, Schulke said the marks on Calica’s body were consistent with being caused by a baseball bat.

Calica was taken to St. Charles Bend.

Calica told The Bulletin on Thursday he suffered a concussion in the alleged attack and had to wear a knee brace for months afterward.

When Madras Police arrived at the manager’s residence at the Budget Inn the night of the alleged attack, officers could not immediately get Canas to leave his room.

Once in custody, police said they found a fixed-blade dagger in Canas’ back pocket and a meth pipe and meth in his front pocket. Inside the residence, police also found an aluminum baseball bat and a basket of items belonging to Calica and his girlfriend.

On the ride to jail, Canas told Schulke the knife police had just confiscated wasn’t his.

“Mr. Canas freely told me the knife he had belonged to ‘that guy,’ and also the pants he was wearing,” Schulke wrote in court documents.

After Canas was arrested, a 10-year-old relative disclosed acts of alleged sexual abuse to investigators. LeRiche, the Jefferson County District Attorney, said disclosures such as this are not uncommon.

“A lot of times when the offender is taken out of the picture, his or her ability to control the children is reduced, and the kids feel safe and will tell someone,” LeRiche said.

Canas was additionally charged with three counts of first-degree sex abuse.

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