Cove Palisades State Park — The best places to view the stars are actually above the park along the rim of the lake. On Southwest Mountain View Drive there are three viewpoints along the top of the ridge that allow for perfectly unobstructed views of the stars. The view up there during the daylight hours aren’t bad either.

Millican — Stop off at the OHV play area and look up at the sky for some clear views of the stars. There are some hills on either side that add a bit of interesting topography if you’re doing a little night photography and while there is more and more of a glow coming from the lights of Bend than there used to be, you can still catch more of the stars than you can closer to town. During the day this area is buzzing with off road enthusiasts flying from the dirt hills and racing over the large trail system, but at nightfall the quiet of the desert covers the valley, save for the occasional car or truck that drives past on the highway.

Sparks Lake — The high mountain lake is beautiful to see any time of day, but add a blanket of stars reflected in its shallow water and you have a recipe for perfect stargazing. Bring your camera for some stunning night shots of the mountains, stars and beyond. If you’re up for just a few hours of darkness, remember to keep your voice down, as the campgrounds at the lake are more than likely filled with snoozing campers.

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— Makenzie Whittle, The Bulletin

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