Southern Deschutes County and the areas just beyond are full of adventures worth the few extra miles. From exploring insides of volcanoes to peering into some of the clearest lakes in the state, the area has a little bit of everything to keep cool and active over the long weekend.

Because it’s a holiday, trailheads, lakes and campgrounds may be at capacity. If parking at these areas are full, turn around and check out another of the many places to explore down south.

For a full list of conditions updated regularly, please visit

Hiking and Day Use Sites

Deschutes National Forest

Big Obsidian Flow Trailhead: Open

Charlton Lake Trailhead: Closed due to the Lily Lake Fire cleanup

Cinder Hill Day Use: Open

Crater Rim Trailhead: Open

Crescent Lake Guard Station: Open

Fawn Lake Trail: Open

Little Crater Day Use: Open

Maiden Lake Trail: Open

Meek Lake Trail: Unknown

Moore Creek Trail

Oldenburg Lake Trail

Pacific Crest Trail: Section between Charlton and Taylor lakes is closed due to the Lily Lake Fire cleanup (road 4290 to road 4636)

Paulina Falls Picnic and Trailhead: Open

Paulina Lake Day Use: Open

Paulina Peak: Open

Rosary Lakes Trailhead: Open

Snell Lake Trail

Summit Lake: Open

Whitefish Creek Trail: Open

Yoran Lake Trail: Open

Willamette National Forest — Diamond Peak Wilderness

Bear Mountain Trail: Open

Blue Lake Trail: Open

Corrigan Lake Trail: Open

Diamond Peak North: Open

Diamond Peak South: Open

Diamond Peak Tie: Open

Happy Lake: Open

Hemlock Butte Trail: Open

Marie Lake Trail: Open

Mt. Yoran Trail: Open

Pioneer Gulch Trail: Open

Rockpile Trail: Open

Willamette National Forest — Waldo Lake Wilderness Area

Abernethy-Deer Creek Trailhead: Open

Betty Lake Trailhead: Open

Betty Lake Trailhead: Open

Black Creek Trail: Open

Bobby Lake Trailhead: Open

Bunchgrass Trailhead — Lower: Open

Bunchgrass Trailhead — Upper: Open

Cupit Mary Meadow Trail: Open

Devil’s Garden Trailhead: Open

Erma Bell Trailhead: Open

Fuji Mountain Trailhead at Gold Lake: Open

Gander Lake Trailhead: Open

Gold Lake Day Use Area: Open

Harralson Trail: Open

Helen Lake Trailhead: Open

High Divide Trailhead: Open

Jim Weaver Loop Trailhead (Waldo Lake Trail): Open

Koch Mountain Trailhead: Open

Marilyn Lakes Trailhead: Open

Mt. Ray Trailhead: Open

North Waldo Day Use Area: Open

Rigdon Lakes Trail: Open

Salmon Lakes — Waldo Mountain Trailhead: Open

Spirit Lake-Waldo Meadows Trailhead: Open

Swan Lake Trailhead: Open

Twin Peak Trailhead: Open

Verdun Trailhead: Open

Wahana Trail: Open

Whig and Torrey Way Trailhead: Open

Winchester Ridge Trailhead: Open

Oregon State Parks

La Pine State Park: Open; reduced services; day use open 8 a.m.-8 p.m.; meeting hall and deluxe cabins are closed


Note — annual campfire restrictions are now in place on portions of the Deschutes, John Day, White and Crooked Rivers as well as BLM land at Lake Billy Chinook. See for more details.

Deschutes National Forest

Chief Paulina Horse Camp: Open; stock water only

Cinder Hill Campground: Open

Contorta Flat Campground: Open; no water

Crescent Creek Campground: Open; no water

Crescent Lake Campground: Open; water coming soon

East Davis Lake Campground: Open

East Lake Campground: Open; swimmer’s itch reported at the lake, swimmers are encouraged to towel dry immediately after swimming and water shortly after

Gull Point Campground: Open

Little Crater Campground: Open

McKay Crossing Campground: Open

Newberry Group Campground: Open

North Davis Creek Campground: Closed; no water, no campfires

North Twin Lake Campground: Open; no water; reported swimmer’s itch in the lake, swimmers are encouraged to towel dry immediately after swimming and water shortly after

Ogden Group Campground: Open; no water

Paulina Lake Campground: Open

Prairie Campground: Open

Princess Creek Campground: Open

South Twin Lake Campground: Open; swimmer’s itch reported at the lake, swimmers are encouraged to towel dry immediately after swimming and water shortly after

Spring Campground: Open

Sunset Cove Campground: Open

Trapper Creek Campground: Open

West South Twin Campground: Open

Willamette National Forest

North Waldo Campground: Open

Shadow Bay Campground: Open


Sunriver area trails

Roundabout: Sandy and Loose

All other trails riding well

Waldo Lake area trails

Charlton Lemish Loop: Closed due to Lily Lake Fire cleanup

Metolius-Windigo (99) and Waldo Lake: Riding well with deadfall reported

Leap of Faith and Maiden Lake: New report needed

All other trails are riding well


Updated at 9 a.m. Sept. 3.

Upper Deschutes at Benham Falls: 1,367 cfs; brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout; fishing is fair to good on flies and lures, no bait allowed

Fall River: No flow data available; brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout; fly fishing only with barbless hooks; fishing has been good for trout, all public access to the hatchery remains closed

Wickiup Reservoir: 6% full; kokanee, rainbow and brown trout, largemouth bass and catfish.

East Lake: Brown trout, kokanee, rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon; fair to good during the morning and evening.

Paulina Lake: Kokanee, rainbow and brown trout; good fishing mornings and evenings

North Twin Lake: Rainbow trout; fishing is fair on powerbait, crawlers and trolled flies

South Twin Lake: Rainbow trout; fishing is fair on powerbait, crawlers, lures and flies

Davis Lake: Water level is low; rainbow trout and largemouth bass. Fly fishing only

Crescent Lake: 34% full; kokanee, mackinaw, rainbow and brown trout, whitefish and chub; fair to good fishing for rainbow trout and kokanee

Odell Lake: Recreational use advisory has been lifted

Waldo Lake: Boating restricted to electric motors or non-motorized vessels; lake is no longer stocked, but some trout species have continued to repopulate the lake, fishing should pick up in October on the southern end of the lake.

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