This weekend may be a bit on the wet side, so pack a raincoat wherever you venture to. Despite the presence of raindrops and cooler temperatures, there is still time to explore some of the outdoor spaces in the mountains before the snow decides to fall. Many fire restrictions have also lifted in campgrounds, and industrial fire levels have decreased, but fire danger is still very real. If you do light a fire in a designated campground, make sure it is dead out before you pack up. For a full list of conditions updated regularly, please visit

Hiking and Day Use Sites

Deschutes National Forest

Beach Day Use: Open

Black Crater Trailhead: Open

Broken Top Trailhead: Open; light deadfall; Central Cascades Wilderness Permit required; Forest Road 370 is open

Cabot Lake Trailhead: Open; clear as far as Cabot, moderate blowdown beyond

Canyon Creek Meadows: Open; moderate deadfall; Central Cascades Wilderness Permit required

Charlton Lake Trailhead: Open; light deadfall

Crane Prairie Picnic Area: Open; lake currently has an algae bloom

Crater Ditch Trailhead: Open; Central Cascades Wilderness Permit required; Forest Road 370 is open

Cultus Lake Day Use Area: Open

Cultus Lake and Winopee trails: Open; trail around Cultus is clear, Winopee trail is logged out to 1/4-mile past Teddy Lake Junction, trail is difficult or impossible for stock, scheduled to be logged out in late September.

Deer Lake Trailhead: Open

Devil’s Lake/South Sister Trailhead: Open; Central Cascades Wilderness Permit required

Dutchman Trailhead: Open

Edison Trailhead: Open

Elk Lake Day Use: Open

Elk Lake Trailhead: Open; light deadfall

Head of Jack Creek Trailhead: Open; clear

Irish and Taylor Lakes Trailhead: Open

Jack Lake Trailhead: Open; trailhead is accessible, moderate deadfall; Central Cascades Wilderness Permit required

Jefferson Lake: Open

Lava Camp Lake Trailhead: Open; Central Cascades Wilderness Permit required

Lava Lake Day Use: Open

Lemish Lake Trailhead: Open; unknown deadfall conditions on Clover Meadow

Little Crater Day Use: Open

Little Fawn Day Use: Open

Lucky Lake Trailhead: Open; light deadfall on section from Lucky Lake to the junction with Six Lakes

Many Lakes Trailhead: Open; moderate deadfall, not recommended for stock

Meek Lake Trail: Open; five good sized trees across the trail before the junction with Summit Lake trail

Metolius-Windigo: Open; one large tree down 3/4 of a mile north of Cascade Lakes Highway

Millican Crater Trailhead: Open; moderate deadfall with logout occurring soon

Mirror Lakes: Open; light deadfall

Moraine Lake: Open; likely light or now deadfall

North Twin Boating Area: Open

Osprey Point Day Use: Open

Park Meadow: Open

Pole Creek Trailhead: Open; clear; Green Lakes is snow free from the Pole Creek trailhead to 2 miles south of Whychus Creek, from Scott Pass side, Green Lakes is clear to within 1/4-mile of Alder Creek, otherwise heavy deadfall on other sections of Green Lakes.

Quinn River Boating site: Open; nearby campground is closed due to hazard trees

Rockpile Lake: Open; heavy brush

Rosary Lakes Trailhead: Open

Round Lake Trailhead: Open; clear

Scott Pass Trailhead: Open

Sisters Mirror Trailhead: Open; Central Cascades Wilderness Permit required

Six Lakes Trailhead: Open; deadfall

South Twin Day Use — Launch: Open

Sparks Lake Trailhead: Open; clear

Steve Larson Trailhead: Open

Summit Lake: Open

Sunset View Day Use: Open

Tam McArthur Rim Trailhead: Open; Tam Rim Horse trail has light deadfall; Central Cascades Wilderness Permit required

Todd Lake Trailhead: Open; do not trample restoration areas; Central Cascades Wilderness Permit required for the Todd Lake Trail, lake access is open

Tranquil Cove Day Use: Open

Tumalo Mountain: Open

Wanoga Trailhead: Open

Wickiup Plains Trailhead: Open

Winopee Trailhead: Open; clear to junction with PCT

Willamette National Forest — Three Sisters Wilderness Area

Dee Wright Observatory: Open

Foley Ridge: Open

McKenzie River Trail: Partially open; closed from Tamolitch Falls Trailhead to Frissell Boat Launch due to Knoll Fire

Obsidian Trailheads: Open; Central Cascades Wilderness Permit required

Proxy Falls Trailhead: Open

Separation Lake Trailhead: Open

Rainbow Falls Trailhead: Open

Tamolitch Blue Pool: Open


Deschutes National Forest

Big Cove Boat-in Campground: Open; no campfires

Blue Bay Campground: Open; no campfires

Bull Bend Campground: Open; no campfires

Contorta Flat Campground: Open

Contorta Point Group Campground: Open

Crane Prairie Campground: Open

Crescent Creek Campground: Open; no campfires

Crescent Lake Campground: Open

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Cultus Corral Horse Camp: Open; no campfires

Cultus Lake Campground: Open

Devils Lake Campground: Open; no campfires

Driftwood Campground: Open

East Davis Lake Campground: Open; no campfires

Elk Lake Campground: Open

Gull Point Campground: Open

Jack Creek Campground: Open

Lava Camp Lake Campground: Open; Central Cascade Wilderness Overnight Permit required

Lava Lake Campground: Open

Little Cove Boat-In Campground: Open; no campfires

Little Cultus Campground: Open

Little Fawn Campground: Open

Little Lava Lake: Open

Mallard Marsh Campground: Open

North Twin Lake Campground: Open

Point Campground: Open

Princess Creek Campground: Open

Quinn Meadow Horse Camp: Open

Riverside Campground: Open

Simax Group Campground: Open

Soda Creek Campground: Open; no campfires

South Campground: Open

South Twin Lake Campground: Open

Spring Campground: Open

Sunset Cove Campground: Open

Three Creek Lake Campground: Open

Three Creek Meadow Campground & Horse Camp: Open

West South Twin Campground: Open

Whitefish Horse Camp: Open

Windy Group Campground: Open

Wyeth Campground: Open; no campfires; no campfires


Wanoga Trail Complex

Catch and release, Tyler’s Traverse: Sandy and loose

All trails riding well

North of Skyliner trails

Upper Mrazek: Sandy and loose

All other trails riding well

Swampy Lakes trails

Swampy Lakes Loop, Swampy/Dutchman: Sandy and loose

All other trails riding well

Cascade Lakes trails

Edison-Lava: Sandy and loose

All other trails riding well

Mt. Bachelor

Redline: Closed

Batchy West XC, Blade Runner, DSM, FTL (First Time Line), Hanger: Riding well

All other trails reporting sandy and loose conditions

Cascade Crest

Bachelor Mountain, Bugaboo Ridge, Gate Creek, Gordan Peak, Gordon Lakes, Heart Lake, Pyramid Epic Loop, Santiam Wagon, Swamp Peak: Riding well, deadfall reported

All other trails open and riding well

McKenzie Region

McKenzie River trail closed from Tamolitch Trailhead to Fissell Boat Launch due to Knoll Fire

Clear Lake, King Castle: Riding well

All other trails riding well with deadfall reported


Updated at 9 a.m. Sept. 16

Upper Deschutes at Benham Falls: 914 cfs; rainbow trout, brown trout; wild rainbow trout must be released; good fishing in mornings and evenings

Fall River: Brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout; good fishing throughout the river; fly-fishing with barbless hooks only

McKenzie River (at Clear Lake): 157 cfs

McKenzie River (near Belknap Springs): 568 cfs; rainbow and coastal cutthroat trout; fire cleanup still being conducted in the area, access may be limited; all non-adipose fin-clipped trout must be released; lures and artificial flies only

Crane Prairie Reservoir: 60% full; brook trout, kokanee, largemouth bass, rainbow trout; algae bloom; good fishing but higher water temperatures, trout will be holding in deeper water; must release wild rainbow trout

Wickiup Reservoir: 2% full; the Deschutes Arm is closed from the boat ramp at Gull Point to the ODFW markers upstream of Sheep’s Bridge

Prineville Reservoir: 23% full; rainbow trout, small and largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, crayfish; trout fishing has been good near the dam, all boat ramps are closed due to low water

North Twin Lake: Rainbow trout; good fishing in deeper parts of lake

South Twin Lake: Rainbow trout; good fishing in deeper parts of lake

Davis Lake: rainbow trout and largemouth bass; water level is low, and it may be difficult to launch larger boats; fair fishing for largemouth bass; fly fishing only; fair fishing, catch and release for trout, no limit on size or number for warm-water fish

Lava Lake: Rainbow trout; algae bloom; recent reports are mixed, should improve when the water quality does

Little Lava Lake: Rainbow trout, brook trout and whitefish; best methods are bait, lures and flies still-fished or trolled

Cultus Lake: Mackinaw, rainbow and brook trout; troll depths for mackinaw and shallower areas for rainbows

Hosmer Lake: Brook, cutthroat and rainbow trout; fly fishing and catch and release only with barbless hooks; fair fishing in the mornings and evenings, water temps are warm in the lower lake so anglers should focus in the deeper parts of the lake

Elk Lake: Brook trout and kokanee; jigging, still-fishing and trolling from a boat or fly fishing are best

Diamond Lake: trout; all brown and tiger trout must be released; trout fishing has been good on lures; if you catch one over 20 inches, take it to the marina to be entered for a raffle

Crescent Lake: 8% full; kokanee, mackinaw, rainbow and brown trout, whitefish and chub; one lake trout per day, 24-inch minimum; fishing is fair; lake level is extremely low, developed ramps are marginal for launching larger boats

Waldo Lake: Boating restricted to electric motors or non-motorized vessels

Odell Lake: Lake trout, kokanee, rainbow trout; good fishing for kokanee with some larger fish being caught; 25 kokanee per day in addition to daily trout limit

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