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Redmond’s Bob Gilbert rides down a rocky, technical section in the Radlands trail network in this file photo. On Oct. 16, COTA will hold a fundraising and membership event in Redmond, where increasing its presence is a top priority.

Central Oregon Trail Alliance is looking to add dozens of new members in the Redmond area.

On Oct. 16, in partnership with Trinity Bikes, COTA will hold membership drive and fundraising event from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at General Duffy’s Waterhole in Redmond, in conjunction with General Duffy’s Saturday Market.

COTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop, protect and enhance the Central Oregon mountain bike experience through trail stewardship, advocacy, collaboration and education. COTA has six chapters, 2,000 members and individuals who spend more than 10,000 hours a year volunteering. Since 1992, COTA’s worked tirelessly to build and maintain over 500 miles of trails in Central Oregon. Moving forward, we have a number of active projects in the pipeline with plans to significantly expand our trail system throughout the region.

One such project: completing the construction of Stinger Trail at the Cascade View Trailhead in Redmond. This is a project that’s been in the planning process the past 12 years. Also on the radar for COTA’s Redmond Chapter is Radlands — a community network of 10 to 12 miles of trail biking distance from town. COTA hopes to fulfill its mission with donations or sponsorships from the communities they serve — and increasing membership in Redmond is an immediate priority.

The goal for COTA’s Redmond Chapter is to add 70 new members with the aim of accelerating trail building and increasing the number of volunteers in the area.

Where does the money go? To staff to manage and advocate for trail planning and building. To professional trail builders (when needed) so new trails can get built faster or when too complex for volunteer-only teams. To equipment such as trucks or skid steers. To tools, trail signage, storage facilities, insurance, volunteer support, general operating expenses and more.

If you’d like to talk trails and learn more about COTA, please drop by General Duffy’s Waterhole .

If you’re unable to attend the event but would like to become a COTA member, you can do so online at www.cotamtb.com for as little as $30 annually.

If you have questions, or would like additional information regarding COTA membership, donations, or sponsorship opportunities, please reach out directly at dan.murray@cotamtb.com or 301-980-2170.

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Dan Murray is development director of the Central Oregon Trail Alliance.

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