Winter and all its glory is here and it’s time to celebrate the season at Oregon WinterFest.

New this year is the vertical challenge for skiers on Friday and snowboarders on Saturday to show off their skills. Riders will gain speed and big air jumps and grind on a bamboo pole between them . The person with the highest air wins. Registration is required if you want to give it a shot.

Marketplaces will be strewn with art installations from regional and local artisans showing off everything from intricate jewelry to delicate glasswork. The Gourmet Lifestyle Pavillion is full of good food and drinks fit for royalty.

For those with a more active streak, the Royal Run 5K on Saturday will wind its way through the Old Mill and along the Deschutes River. Runners will receive playing cards at checkpoints to collect and whoever has the best hand at the end of the race, gets a prize.

The little ones of the bunch can join in the festivities with the Hot Cocoa Run on Sunday. Participants will run from station to station, gathering ingredients for the perfect cup of cocoa. With different distances for different age groups, everyone gets a shot at chocolaty glory.

Throughout the festival, families can have a blast at the Family Play Zone with activities from OMSI, face painting and much more.

Don’t forget to stick around at night for music. For a full breakdown of bands check out page 4.

Whether we’ll be trudging through the snow or shedding our puffy coats for something lighter remains to be seen, but with activities inside and out there are plenty of things to do and see to keep you cool and cozy this year.

— Makenzie Whittle, The Bulletin

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