What: Tentareign, with Somewhere Between, Scary Busey

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Where: Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend

Cost: $8 plus fees in advance, $10 at the door

Contact: volcanictheatre.com or 541-323-1881

Bend hard rock trio Tentareign entered the studio about a decade ago to record follow-ups to its 2008 debut, “The Power Between.”

The band recorded two albums — an electric set, “Infinity,” and the acoustic “Meridian” — at Featherlight Studios in Bend with engineer and producer Steve Hartwell, and intended to release them soon after they were finished. At the time the band was playing shows as far as Seattle and Boise, Idaho, and played one of the first hard rock shows at the Tower Theatre — a CD release for “The Power Between” in late 2008.

But despite this momentum, “Infinity” and “Meridian” remained in limbo as Tentareign’s members balanced playing in a touring band with day jobs and families. The two albums finally dropped this year in a double-disc package, which spent some time as one of Ranch Records’ top-selling releases earlier this year, and the band will play a release show with friends Somewhere Between and Scary Busey at Volcanic Theatre Pub on Saturday.

“All of the things that keep a band progressing, we’ve been doing, from a songwriting standpoint and our musicianship going down the paths that it has. It’s just a matter of tangible products out to the public,” drummer Andy Hoard said recently while sitting with his bandmates at a coffee shop in downtown Bend. “That was a shortcoming, but we settled on putting out a double album, which I think is one of the coolest things. It’s kind of a retro flashback — when was the last time somebody put out a double album? I think the last one of significance that I can remember is probably (The Smashing Pumpkins’) ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.’”

As Hoard hinted, he and the rest of the band — lead vocalist and guitarist (and Hoard’s wife for the last two years) Hannah Hoard and her brother, bassist Jason Costa — have kept busy in the 11 years between releases, focusing primarily on out-of-town shows in the Pacific Northwest as well as occasional local gigs at the Bend Roots Revival and scene mainstay M&J Tavern. In fact, the push to release these albums now came from the trio’s continued momentum — Hoard said a fourth album, titled “Delusion, Judgment and Greed,” is “in the can,” and the three are writing material for a fifth album.

“We went to record a new album with all our new songs and realized we can’t release this without releasing ‘Meridian’ and ‘Infinity,’” Hannah said.

“Infinity” sprawls at nearly an hour in length and expands upon the prog- and funk-metal influences of “The Power Between,” while “Meridian” showcases a gentler (but no less musically challenging) version of the group. Taken together, the albums represent the two sides of the band that have evolved since the Tower show in 2008.

“That CD release, we actually played an acoustic set before we played the album,” Andy said. “… That option of our musicianship was in us and coming out at the time, so (it was) probably what led to recording an acoustic record shortly after.”

While those albums will catch fans up with the trio’s recorded output, “Delusion, Judgment and Greed” represents the culmination of two decades of musical collaboration for Andy and Hannah, who started playing together in the band Holden Caulfield in the late ’90s. Following that band’s split, the two again teamed in Mersai; Hannah and Costa formed Tentareign as a side project to that band. Andy joined Tentareign in 2007 after Mersai disbanded.

As siblings, Costa and Hannah’s musical relationship goes back further. Their classical musician parents started them on violin at a young age while they were growing up in Lake Oswego, and eventually the two found guitar. Hannah studied music performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston briefly before returning to Oregon and forming Holden Caulfield.

“I think I read music before I could read English,” Costa said.

Their classical background fed into Tentareign’s future acoustic sets. The siblings would often write songs acoustically, including “Constricting Measures” and “Your Demeanor” on “Infinity,” according to Hannah.

“I had this little, crappy apartment at the base of Pilot Butte, and you’d have to — we’d sit in there and play because there was nothing else to do,” Costa said. “… We didn’t have cable, so we’d sit in there and just play our acoustics all the time, so we started writing on acoustic stuff.”

Hannah described “Delusion, Judgment and Greed,” recorded at Central Oregon Recording with Scott Barber and Matt Fletcher, as heavy, dark and progressive. She also called it a concept album with political and social themes, although she wouldn’t go into too many details (“We’re not Republicans,” she said).

“They’re not about love and loss,” she said. “They’re more about society, organized religion’s effect on society and —”

“Delusion, judgment and greed,” Costa interjected.