Is there any clich é more infuriating to popular music lovers than “rock is dead”? The phrase has been thrown around almost since rock ’n’ roll’s birth, with every generation since the 1950s finding a new argument for the genre’s demise. We could be here all day arguing about the evolution of pop music into the 2010s and why this or that band is or isn’t rock, but that sounds horrendously, navel-gazingly boring. Instead, just head over to Volcanic Theatre Pub on Saturday and bask in the wall of sound from Hollow Sidewalks and LiquidLight, two Portland bands that carry the torch for rock — “rock” rock, the kind no one can mistake, as in big hooks and even bigger guitars. Local newcomer AM Clouds, a power-pop highlight from this year’s Bend Roots Revival, also performs.

Hollow Sidewalks, with LiquidLight, AM Clouds: 9 p.m. Saturday; $8 plus fees in advance, $10 at the door; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; or 541-323-1881.