Maybe you’ve heard Hilary Scott is playing Astro Lounge on Wednesday. And maybe you thought, since when did the female singer in Lady Antebellum go solo?

It’s an honest mistake, one that’s happened so much since 2006 that Scott — the alt-country rockin’ singer-songwriter from Washington state who spells her name with one “L,” not two — felt an explanation was in order. You see, Scott is not her real name, but rather her brother’s. When he died of complications due to epilepsy in 1998, Hilary adopted his name as her stage name, a tribute to her brother’s musical guidance over the years.

She writes on her website: “Scott (and also my sister, Heather) shaped a huge part of my involvement in, and appreciation of, music. It was part of his everyday life, as it was for my entire family, and Scott introduced me to the more ‘rebellious’ side of music, which I think ultimately helped lead to my desire to create my own songs.”

And create them she has, releasing a steady stream of material on independent labels since the early 2000s. Her latest album, 2014’s “Freight Train Love,” is aptly named — the harder songs chug along with the power of a freight train, but Scott still knows how to get sweet when the music slows down, as on the neo-soul groove of the album-opening title track.

Get to know the original Hilary Scott, up close and personal, at Astro.

Hilary Scott; 9 p.m. Wednesday; free; Astro Lounge, 939 NW Bond St., Bend; —Brian McElhiney