The Facebook profile of Nico Luminous prominently provides a description of the man’s music: “blippity bloop Whomp Wobble ZAP!!”

Funny thing is, that sums up the West Coast bass-music maestro’s sound pretty nicely.

Let’s break it down:

• “Blippity bloop” represents Nico’s extensive use of synthesized melody, which sometimes sound like intergalactic buzzsaws slicing through quasars like butter, and other times coded communications between helium-huffing space dolphins. (Or, y’know, Dr. Dre’s best-known productions. This stuff is heavily hip-hop influenced.)

• “Whomp” refers to the guy’s unique take on a common element of electronic music: bass. Nico — an old Bend fave who used to roll through The Grove regularly — makes music that is undeniably bass-heavy, but his low-end is somehow both powerful and pillowy soft. As a result, the soulfulness of his sound seems to sink in deeper and more subtly than most current dance music.

• “Wobble” means that, like a lot of electronic music producers, Nico can’t resist the bulbous, oscillating bass that is so popular in dubstep, house music and beyond. Do you love the “wub wub wub”? Then you will love Nico Luminous.

• “ZAP!!” is basically more blippity bloop. Unless Nico’s spaceship was invaded by anti-dance aliens and he was zapped in the middle of writing a description of his music for Facebook.

I’m going to assume that’s not the case and that he’ll be at his show tonight at The Astro Lounge. Warm up with a ton of his stuff at www

Nico Luminous, with DJ Professor Stone and Expatriate ; 10 tonight; $5; The Astro Lounge, 939 N.W. Bond St., Bend;

— Ben Salmon