Who: Marsha Casey plays Grandma in “Medium Rare,” a farcical comedy, this week at Madras Performing Arts Center, 412 SE Buff St. Casey co-directs the production, in performance at 7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday. While admission is free, High Desert Community Theater relies on donations so it can continue to help people “get away and laugh out loud for an hour or two,” as Casey put it. Contact: mpac.509j.net.

Q: What’s “Medium Rare” about?

A: It is a play about a couple who are selling their house, and they get it sold to this other couple. But there was one thing: They left grandma. Grandma went with the house, and the new people didn’t know it (laughs). It’s a really fun, silly laugh-out-loud play. And that’s what High Desert Community Theater is all about. We only do comedies. There’s enough drama in the world. Our motto is “To bring the communities together for a little theatrical comedy so we can laugh out loud together.”

Q: Can you tell me a little more about the company, and how long it’s been around?

A: Back in 2010, the City of Culver was doing its centennial, so they asked a few people to do a play. The next year, they said, “Why don’t you guys do another play? We’ll help you get going, and then after that, maybe you can go on your own.” So, 2011 is when we became the High Desert Community Theater Guild. We’ve been doing at least one play a year, and then we started doing two plays a year.

Q: Is it mostly made up of folks from Culver and Madras?

A: Yes, Culver, Metolius, Madras. We started out doing the plays in Culver. They had a multi-purpose room that had a cute little stage on it. … Then, we had to go to start doing tickets because we started getting too full. … Two years ago, we went to the Madras Performing Arts Center to do it.

Q: Now, wasn’t there an old rivalry between Madras and Culver?

A: Ooh, yes. That was way back when — the county seat. (Editor’s note: The Jefferson County seat moved to Madras from Culver in 1917.)

Q: Is there a rivalry there between Madras and Culver, or does everyone get along a little better?

A: You know, they just haven’t completely forgotten about it. But the city of Culver has just been so wonderful to all of us with this High Desert Community Theater. We just really appreciate them.

Q: Is there a pretty big demand for theater up in Jefferson County?

A: There seems to be. It’s just grown and grown, and we are just so blessed by the support we get.

— David Jasper, The Bulletin