Artist: Ian Cook

Featured song: “This Remedy”

Upcoming shows:

• Larry and His Flask; 4 p.m. July 21 at Three Creeks Brewing Company’s 10-year anniversary celebration, 265 E. Barclay Drive, Sisters; free.

• Larry and His Flask; noon July 22 at Oregon Spirit Distillers, 740 NE First St., Bend.

Ian Cook is best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for Bend’s long-running folk-punk group Larry and His Flask. Born in Tacoma, Washington, Cook has lived in Central Oregon since 1990. He originally joined Larry and His Flask on guitar in the early 2000s, eventually moving to lead vocals as the group evolved from a hardcore punk outfit into the high-energy acoustic punk act it is today. In 2016, the band emerged from a year-long hiatus (during which time Cook co-founded “supple rock” band Woebegone with fellow Larry members Kirk Skatvold and Andrew Carew), and last year began working on new album “This Remedy,” which should be released in late September, Cook said. Recorded at local studio The Firing Room with engineer and Woebegone drummer Dayne Wood, the record will be the band’s first since 2013’s “By the Lamplight.” Cook stopped by the GO! studio to debut the album’s title track.

Q: What’s the story behind this song — how was it written, recorded, etc.?

A: It actually originated probably 2014 or so when I wrote it. It was during that hiatus, and it originally started off as a much slower song. As we were getting ready for the album, I was just playing around with a bunch of ideas that I had laying around, and it just kind of morphed into this newer version, an updated version of the song, and it works perfectly for this band, so we said all right, let’s do it. Definitely a departure in a way of — it’s a lot more of a softer feel I guess than our usual stuff. … It was just a riff. I just constantly write, so it was just one of those random occurrences that it just struck me; I sat down and I wrote this slow song, how it was originally. It just kind of poured out.

Q: What’s the story inside this song — what’s it about?

A: It’s a commentary on the world and love and relationships and everything and kind of all balled into one. So it just kind of poured out. Fairly simplistic in structure, nothing crazy or anything, just a good, sweet little song. … It’s kind of a love-will-find-a-way kind of thing, or will overcome — kind of a statement I guess that makes. Love being a remedy for most of what ails you, that kind of thing.

— Brian McElhiney, The Bulletin