Art Adventure Gallery: Featuring photography by Ronald Williams; reception 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, through February ; 185 SE Fifth St., Madras; 541-475-7701.

Artists’ Gallery Sunriver: Featuring the works of 30 local artists; 57100 Beaver Drive, Building 19, Sunriver;

The Art of Alfred Dolezal: Featuring oil paintings by the artist; Eagle Crest Resort, 7525 Falcon Crest Drive, Redmond;

Baby Phases: Featuring works by Parker Doelling; 759 NE Greenwood Ave., Suite 1, Bend.

Bend Art Center: Featuring Ann Kresge’s exhibit, “Sacred Spaces” and Jeanette Small’s exhibit “Convergence”; opening reception 5-9 p.m. Friday, through Feb. 25; 550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 180, Bend; or 541-330-8759.

Barber Library: Featuring fiber art from the Weaving Guilds of Oregon; through Feb. 27; 2600 NW College Way, Bend;

Bendy Dog: Featuring dog-themed watercolors by Sarah B. Hansen; 112 Minnesota Ave., Bend; 541-419-6463.

Bend Senior Center: Featuring rotating exhibits by Sagebrushers Art Society artists; through February; 1600 SE Reed Market Road; 541-617-0900.

Bright Place Gallery: Featuring works by Julie Blackman, Monica Helms, Kate Kerrigan and Michael Wise; 909 SE Armour Road, Bend; or 503-887-9215.

Cafe Sintra: “4 Points of View,” an exhibit of photographs by Ric Ergenbrite, Cory O’Neill, Rich Marrocco and Jill Rosell; 1024 NW Bond St., Bend; 541-382-8004.

Canyon Creek Pottery: Featuring pottery by Kenneth Merrill; 310 N. Cedar St., Sisters; 541-549-0366.

Franklin Crossing: Featuring paintings by Marjorie Wood Hamlin; reception 5-8 p.m. Friday, through Feb. 26; 550 NW Franklin Ave., Bend; 541-382-9398.

High Desert Museum: “Innovation Lab: Designs Inspired by Nature,” featuring biomimicry in modern designs; through Feb. 17; 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; or 541-382-4754.

Hood Avenue Art: The annual Winter Studio Sale; through Feb. 19; 357 W. Hood Ave., Sisters; or 541-719-1800.

Jill’s Wild (Tasteful) Women Gallery: Featuring works by Jill Haney-Neal; 183 E. Hood Ave., Sisters; or 541-617-6078.

Junque in Bloom: Featuring works by Pam Fortier, Sue McLaughlin and Jennifer Ware-Kempcke; through February; 50 SE Scott St.; 541-617-0900.

Karen Bandy Design Jeweler: Custom jewelry by Karen Bandy; 25 NW Minnesota Ave., Suite 5, Bend.

.Liberty" class="auto" target="_blank">class="Calendar_text">.Liberty Theatre: Featuring works by Alejandro Salazar; through February, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.; 849 NW Wall St., Bend;

Lubbesmeyer Fiber Studio: Featuring fiber art by Lori and Lisa Lubbesmeyer; 450 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 423, Bend; or 541-330-0840.

Mockingbird Gallery: Featuring paintings by Bart Walker, Craig Zuger and Ned Mueller; reception 5-9 p.m. Friday, through February; 869 NW Wall St., Bend; or 541-388-2107.

North Soles Footwear: Featuring paintings by Langford Barksdale and John Brown; through February; 800 NW Wall St., Bend; 541-312-8566.

The Oxford Hotel: Featuring acrylic paintings by Dorothy Holmes; reception 5:30-7:30 p.m. Friday, through Feb. 23; 10 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend; 541-382-9398

Peterson/Roth Gallery: Featuring works by Robert Schlegel and Ian Factor; reception 5-9 p.m. Friday, through February; 206 NW Oregon Ave., Suite 1, Bend; or 541-633-7148.

Red Chair Gallery: Featuring works by Larissa Spafford, Kim McClain and Eleanor Murphey; reception 5-8:30 p.m. Friday through February; 103 NW Oregon Ave., Bend; or 541-306-3176.

Redmond Senior Center: Featuring artwork by Shari Crandell; through February; 325 NW Dogwood Ave., Redmond; 541-548-6325.

Red Pinecone: Featuring paintings by Diane Ervin; 114 Minnesota Ave., Bend; 541-678-5995.

SageBrushers Art Society: “Memories!” featuring paintings by Sagebrushers Art Society Artists; through February; 117 SW Roosevelt Ave., Bend; 541-617-0900.

Sage Custom Framing and Gallery: Featuring mixed media by Sandra Neary; reception 5-8 p.m. Friday, through March 31; 834 NW Brooks St., Bend; 541-382-5884.

SchoolHouse Produce: Featuring artwork by Sue McLaughlin; through February; 1430 SW Highland Ave., Redmond; 541-617-0900.

Sunriver Resort Lodge Betty Gray Gallery: “Winter in the High Desert,” featuring works by members of the High Desert Art League; through Feb. 19; 17600 Center Drive, Sunriver; 541-382-9398.

Townshend’s Bend Teahouse: Featuring prints and illustrations by Megan Myers; reception 5-8 p.m. Friday, through March 31; 835 NW Bond St., Bend;

Tumalo Art Co.: Featuring the group show, “Big Love”; reception 4-8 p.m. Friday, through Feb. 27; 450 SW Powerhouse Drive, Suite 407, Bend;

Vista Bonita Glass Art Studio and Gallery: Featuring glass art, paintings and more; 222 W. Hood St., Sisters.