Bulletin Staff Report

The BendFilm Festival announced its 2019 award winners Saturday night.

• “Mossville: When Great Trees Fall,” directed by Alexander Glustrom, won the festival’s $5,000 Best of Show prize. The film explores a centuries-old black community in Louisiana contaminated and uprooted by petrochemical plants. As the community comes to terms with the loss of its ancestral home, one man standing in the way of a plant’s expansion refuses to give up.

• “Once Upon a River,” directed by Haroula Rose, won the $500 Best Directing award.

• “Clementine,” directed by Laura Jean Gallagher, won the $1,000 Best Narrative Feature award.

• “Clementine,” cinematography by Andres Karu, won the Best Cinematography award.

• “Kifaru,” directed by David Hambridge, won the $1,000 Best Documentary Feature award.

• “Native Wisdom: The Peoples of Eastern Oregon,” directed by Tim Keenan Burgess & Lawrence Johnson, won the special jury award for Best Native Knowledge.

• “Eating Up Easter,” directed by Sergia M. Rapu, won the $500 Best Environmental/Outdoor Adventure Feature award.

• “Attla,” directed by Catharine Axley, won the $500 Best Indigenous Feature award.

• “Sometimes, I Think About Dying,” directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz, won the special jury award for Narrative Short.

• “The Neighbors’ Window,” directed by Marshall Curry, won the $500 Best Narrative Short award.

• “All on a Mardi Gras Day,” directed by Michal Pietrzyk, won the $500 Best Documentary Short award.

• “Little Miss Westie,” directed by Joy E. Reed and Dan Hunt, won the special jury award for documentary short.

• “A Line Birds Cannot See,” directed by Amy Bench, won the $500 Best Animated Short award.

• “The Phantom 52,” directed by Geoff Marslett, won the special jury award for animated short.

• “F*ck,” directed by Vern Hass (University of Southern California), won the $500 Best Student Short award.

• “Wave Hands Like Clouds,” directed by Marga Laube, won the $500 Best of the Best of the Northwest award.

Sunday’s film screening schedule is available at bendfilm.org.