Who: Carolyn Platt is a Sisters-based printmaker who specializes in monotype prints. “Basically I’m moving ink around on a plate until I decide it’s worthy of receiving paper,” she said, laughing. Platt is also secretary on the board of the nonprofit Bend Art Center, which has been struggling with revenue challenges. Late last week, BAC announced a temporary hiatus while an affordable new lease is secured. The gallery is also the home of member studio A6 Print Studio and is, for now, located in the Box Factory at 550 SW Industrial Way. Through much of the summer, there will still by much going on: the A6 studio remains open to member artists through July, and at 11 a.m. Saturday at BAC, A6 founder Pat Clark and artist Andries Fourie will have a conversation about Fourie’s BAC exhibit. On Aug. 2, a show featuring artists Sarah More, Susan Porteous and Shin Yeon Jeon will open. It’s expected to hang till mid-August, possibly longer.

Q: What’s going to happen to Bend Art Center going forward?

A: What’s going to go on is it’s going to get put in a dormant state while they reconfigure what is realistic. You know, there are a lot of arts organizations that promise everything and they can’t deliver and don’t do anything, and then everybody gets ticked off and leaves (laughs). Andries Fourie (of the High Desert Museum) is on our board now, and also Elizabeth Quinn, and they’re really the movers and shakers. We feel really good with it in their hands for an incubation period, to really restructure and set a strategic business plan. So that’s it in a nutshell. That’s going to go dormant, and there’s a fraction of us that are just addicted to printmaking, so we are going to go on our own and rent a studio space. The only reasonable space is in Sisters. All this equipment that we would just have to figure out a yard sale or whatever —

Q: Or storage?

A: Yes, or expensive storage. We said we will store it for you and keep it in working order. It’s a win-win there. They don’t have to pay for storage, and it’s on our dime.

Q: Is there quite a bit of overlap between A6 and the new collective?

A: The new collective — I think there’s only one who’s not a former member, but she’s been interested in it for a long time. So it’s a big overlap from former members, yes. Pat Clark (A6 founder) is one of us.

Q: It sounds like the Box Factory was a pretty expensive location for it.

A: It was. And the landlord there was very lenient with us. … But there are limits. When he can get another River Pig (Saloon), why keep us? So we weren’t evicted. We just said, “We know we’re going to have to move.” … Because somebody else was coming through with measuring tape, and we read the writing on the wall.

Q: Are people hopeful that Bend Art Center is going to reopen?

A: Yes, very. With (Quinn and Fourie) on the board, there are five people on the board … we hope to grow that. What was happening was the current board was basically (serving as) executive director, and we were exhausted because it was all volunteer. They were kind of dropping like flies (laughs).

— David Jasper, The Bulletin