There’s something to be said for consistency — just ask AC/DC, which made a career out of releasing essentially the same album over and over for decades. In that way, Pennywise could be modern punk’s version of Australia’s finest hard rockers. Over the last decade, the band survived the departure and reinstatement of vocalist/co-founder Jim Lindberg with little effect on its sound (2012’s “All or Nothing,” recorded with replacement singer Zoli Téglás, sounds like it could have been released in its ’90s heyday). When Lindberg returned, the group decided to record its earliest songs for the first time on 2014’s “Yesterdays” — but again, if no one said anything, you might assume it was brand-new Pennywise. That brings us to last year’s “Never Gonna Die,” Pennywise’s 12th collection of loud-fast-mildly political anthems. After 30 years, if it isn’t broken, why fix it? The quartet will return to Bend on Friday to kick off Bend Radio Group’s summer concerts at Oregon Spirit Distillers. Local power trio The Roof Rabbits will open the show.

Pennywise, with The Roof Rabbits: 7 p.m. Friday; $35 plus fees in advance; Oregon Spirit Distillers, 740 NE First St., Bend;, or 541-382-0002.