What: Pete Kartsounes and TK & The Holy Know-Nothings

When: 6 p.m. Saturday

Where: The Brown Owl, 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend

Cost: Free

Contact: brownowlbend.com or 541-797-6581

Pete Kartsounes was in Kauai, Hawaii, in January of last year when he received a text on his cellphone that an incoming ballistic missile was headed for the island chain.

He and everyone else in the state received an alert via phone, TV and radio. Kartsounes, who was born in Michigan and lived in Colorado, southeast Asia, Mexico and Germany before moving to Central Oregon in early 2017, is a frequent visitor to Kauai (he wrote and recorded his 2014 solo album, “Unwind,” there).

After 38 minutes, the alert was revealed to be a false alarm caused by a Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee, but the bomb scare made headlines across the country.

“That inspired me to be more active — more active on releasing more albums and stuff,” Kartsounes said. “It kind of changed my life to be more active on places I’ve never seen before and things I really want to do. I mean, for 38 minutes, I thought I was gonna die. My whole lifetime flashed in front of me.”

To that end, Kartsounes has kept busy for the past year and a half. His main touring project, the acoustic duo The Good Time Travelers, released its second album “Mountain Song” last year and toured extensively. He also ventured into photography and videography late last year while recovering from a bicycle accident. And he’s getting ready to release “I’m Alive,” his sixth solo album and first since “Unwind.”

He is billing his performance at The Brown Owl’s 3-year anniversary party Saturday as a pre-CD-release show. Portland’s TK & The Holy Know-Nothings, friends of Kartsounes, will also perform at the event, and Kartsounes teased some onstage collaboration. A subsequent tour will take Kartsounes throughout the Pacific Northwest before the album officially drops June 1.

“I’ve got enough songs for five or six albums,” Kartsounes said. “So I immediately started thinking, well, The Good Time Travelers was just releasing their last album, and now, we’re taking a little breather this year. That allowed me to focus more on my solo endeavors. It was definitely just a natural thing to try to make another solo album.”

The Good Time Travelers, also featuring singer-songwriter Michael Kirkpatrick, focused heavily on bluegrass on “Mountain Song,” bringing in genre heavyweights such as Sam Bush as guests. Kartsounes’ two solo albums before “Unwind” also focused on bluegrass.

The 12 songs on “I’m Alive” lean toward folk-rock and Americana. Players include producer Milo Matthews (who also worked on “Unwind”) on bass and drums, saxophonist Bob Hemenger (known for touring with Victor Wooten), Portland musician Asher Fulero on piano, local guitarist Benji Nagel on dobro and Bryan Daste on pedal steel guitar.

“As a songwriter, I’ve got other stuff that I wanted to share and get out,” Kartsounes said. “So this one is definitely very soulful, very smoky and bluesy and positive. I mean, this one, it’s clean as a whistle, man — it sounds really, really good.”

Kartsounes and Matthews, who also produced “Unwind,” worked on “I’m Alive” at Kartsounes’ cabin in the woods south of Bend for 18 days in a row in January. About half of the songs were written just before the sessions, while some of the other songs are up to 9 years old, Kartsounes said.

“It’s a lot of songs about love and a lot of songs about courage and self-courage and self-love,” he said. “… I don’t really like to write so much a song about me, even though there’s a couple about my experience. I call them opaque songs, where I feel like the listener can write their own story to it and they’re not hearing it and saying, ‘Oh, that’s Pete’s story.’”

Expect a much shorter wait between solo albums from Kartsounes going forward. He is working on two more sets of music: a long-gestating album of music for meditation and yoga, and a more experimental album in collaboration with local producer and The Color Study leader Scott Oliphant at his Bend studio, Parkway Sounds.

“I’m letting Scott run with this one,” Kartsounes said. “He turned me on to a couple of his songs, and I really loved his way of recording and his sounds that he had in the background — the room and the sounds and all this textural stuff. It was very cool, very new coffeehouse, kind of almost Ray LaMontagne-y with these really cool textures in it.”

For the immediate future, Kartsounes looks forward to hitting the road solo after spending the last few years focusing on other projects such as The Good Time Travelers.

“I’m really looking forward to this — getting some one-on-one time with some people and going at my own pace and my own speed,” he said. “… It’s gonna be awesome; I can’t wait.”