Portland-based producer EASTGHOST, a member of the music collective STYLSS (Stop Taking Your Life So Seriously), isn’t your typical club-dwelling, drop-the-bass-and-watch-’em-dance electronic music artist (although he can certainly keep pace with the best EDM ragers). His intricate soundscapes often play like prog-rock epics, utilizing shifting rhythms and unexpected sounds, while his albums usually have deeply personal stories behind the themes. Perhaps the best example of this is 2013’s “Rubikscube Staircase,” which was conceived after EASTGHOST was hospitalized after mistakenly ingesting “an incredibly reactive chemical,” as he explains on his Bandcamp page. Recently, EASTGHOST released “Terrified,” his first single since his 2016 EP, “A Light at the End,” and a prelude to a new album, “Misery and Wonder.” Bendites can get a taste when he performs at the Domino Room on Friday.

EASTGHOST, with Matt Wax, WelterWeight, Lonely Stacks, TPhunk: 9 p.m. Friday, doors open at 8 p.m.; $10 plus fees in advance; Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend; eventbrite.com or 541-408-4329.