As Stephanie Luke of The Coathangers mentioned in her interview with GO! Magazine this week (see Page 3), rock ’n’ roll has pretty much always been a notorious boys’ club, with women usually the objects of fabled sex-and-drugs debauchery — a fact that has come into even more focus recently in the #metoo era. And that’s why rock ’n’ roll needs bands like Nashville Pussy more than ever. Since forming in the mid-’90s, the Atlanta quartet has traded heavily on its innuendo-filled lyrics and sexed-up imagery, par the course for rock ’n’ roll. But its sleaze-rock has always felt welcoming, if not empowering, for everyone regardless of gender, thanks in no small part to the quartet’s membership (two men and two women, led by husband-wife team, guitarist/vocalist Blaine Cartwright and lead guitarist Ruyter Suys). This inclusiveness extends to the band’s lyrics and imagery, and as Suys revealed to GO! Magazine in 2015, she’s usually the one egging Cartwright on (“We’ll get into arguments over lyrics and stuff, and it’s like, ‘Come on, you can do better than that; you can be meaner than that,’” Suys said in the interview). Last year’s “Pleased to Eat You,” the band’s first full-length in four years, keeps the party rolling with some of the raunchiest, riff-iest songs Cartwright, Suys and company have put to tape yet. The band returns to Volcanic Theatre Pub on Friday.

Nashville Pussy: 9 p.m. Friday; $15 plus fees in advance; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; or 541-323-1881.