Who: After exhibiting there last year, artist Marigny Goodyear returns to Legum Design, 922 NW Bond St., in downtown Bend with the show “Naturals.” The exhibit of her ocean-inspired “inscapes,” or works that capture the artist’s interior world or viewpoint, opens Friday during the June First Friday Gallery Walk and exhibits through July. A native of New Orleans, Goodyear has always loved the water — “I grew up saying I was a city girl with one foot in the swamps,” she told GO! — and fell in love with surfing after moving with her family to Oregon 10 years ago. Contact: legumdesign.com or marignygoodyearart.com.

Q: Did your art change a lot once you came out to Oregon?

A: So the story with my art is kind of funny. I grew up with art as a huge part of my life. … I went to art school at Boston University, but it was such a classical program that I felt kind of stifled, and I didn’t finish. I lasted a year and a half, and I actually ended up leaving BU with a business degree. Then life, jobs, marriage, kids, it all happened, and I didn’t do art for a really long time. When I came out here, a lot of things came to a head. Growing up in New Orleans, drinking was a huge coping mechanism for me. After (Hurricane) Katrina and everything, it reached a fever pitch, and I had to make some big changes. When I quit drinking, art came bubbling — like, raging — back to the surface, and I started painting again.

Q: What steps did you take to get back into it? Did you just do it on your own, or start taking classes?

A: The first year, I just did it on my own. I had an old art kit with some paint, and I had some paper, and I started on my dining room table. About a year later, a friend recommended I take a workshop with a Sausalito-based artist named Nicholas Wilton. His workshop was a huge reminder of some basic art-school things I’d forgotten about. I hadn’t looked at a color wheel in God knows how long. Just stuff like that, but he’s also a very good teacher at getting you to embrace the soul of your art. … His workshop was a big, big help for me in kind of leading me to the things where I find passion.

Q: How did you get connected with Legum Design here in Bend?

A: That’s me and my cold-calling abilities. I decided I would try to make connections in the interior design world. … I just started calling places … and Legum just called me back and said, “Hey we love your stuff. We’d love to give you an opening.” It was actually my first art show since all this painting came out again, last year at Legum’s.

Q: What will people see in this year’s show?

A: I had started a series called “Naturals” — I had a show at a plant store in Ashland, and I was like, “I’m going to try some botanical stuff.” Everything I did ended up looking like it was underwater, or on water, or an oceanscape. That is pretty much how my work just started developing as surfing became a bigger part of my life. Water has always been such a huge part of my life. But when I got asked back to the Bend show, I was like, “I’m going to grow this collection. I’m going to do it all on the natural world and the ocean and I’m going to bring all this to Bend.” I’m a big believer in bringing people what they don’t have a lot of in their area. I love Bend for so many reasons, but that whitewater wave is one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe people in Bend surf. I giggle every time I think about it.

— David Jasper, The Bulletin