By Katie Walsh

Tribune News Service

This guide, compiled by Tribune News Service film critics, is published here every Saturday. It can be used with the MPAA rating system for selecting movies suitable for children. Films rated G, PG or PG-13 are included, along with R-rated films that may have entertainment or educational value for older children with parental guidance.


Rating: PG-13 for some thematic and sexual material.

What it’s about: A divorced woman moves back to LA and gets her groove back with three unexpected houseguests.

The kid attractor factor: This is aiming squarely for a 20s and up female demographic, but some teens might be interested, with the presence of Reese Witherspoon and Nat Wolff.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Learning to stand on your own two feet and draw your acceptable boundaries can be hard, but worth it. Friends are family and treat them as such.

Violence: A bout of fisticuffs with punching.

Language: Not much strong language.

Sexuality: A few tame sex scenes (just kissing, no nudity) implied sex.

Drugs: None

Parents advisory: This warm rom-com would be appropriate for older kids and teens.


Rating: R for violence/horror, bloody images, and for language.

What it’s about: An evil force, taking the form of killer clown Pennywise, stalks a group of adolescents in small-town Maine.

The kid attractor factor: The kid stars will attract younger audiences, as will the horror genre.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Fear isn’t real; it’s only in your head; strength comes in numbers; stick up for and protect your friends.

Violence: Many terrifying fantasy sequences featuring Pennywise and whatever form fear comes in for these kids. Bullying violence, stabbing, slashing, punching, rock throwing, head smashing. Kids get violent, murder adults.

Language: Strong language (said mostly by the kids) throughout.

Sexuality: Many crass jokes and references to sexuality, rumors about sexuality, implied child sexual abuse, sexual objectification of the female character, a kiss between teens.

Drugs: None

Parents advisory: While this stars kids, it’s a quite violent horror movie with strong language throughout — best for teens only.