Most weeks, the GO! Magazine staff tells readers about what’s happening, where to go and what to do. This week, things are different.

By publishing the results of our inaugural “Where to GO! In Central Oregon” survey, we’re in a sense turning the reins over to our readers. Over the last few weeks, hundreds of you shared your opinions on such subjects as your favorite tacos, trails, golf courses, theaters and music venues, to name but a few topics covered in our survey. Some of the categories are cheeky — looking at you, public restrooms — while others are more pragmatic, such as where you’d go for your first marijuana dispensary experience.

Read on to learn more about where you and your neighbors like to GO!

1. For a quiet read?

2. For dessert?

3. For happy hour?

4. For laughs?

5. For open mic?

6. When you need to go (public restrooms)?

7. For indoor live music?

8. For outdoor concerts?

9. For art gawking and buying?

10. With your dog off leash?

11. Cross-country skiing?

12. To find gently recycled goods?

13. To find antiques?

14. For a food truck experience?

15. For your first marijuana dispensary experience?

16. For late night eats?

17. For doughnuts?

18. To buy music?

19. For a pizza slice?

20. For Thai food?

21. On a first date?

22. For musical instruments?

23. For a coffee?

24. To see a show (musical or play)?

25. For wine?

26. For a local microbrew?

27. For tacos?

28. For pasta?

29. For sushi?

30. For a burger?

31. For meze plate?

32. To grab a power nap?

33. For dancing?

34. For a day trip?

35. For people watching?

36. Golfing?

37. Hiking?

38. On a rainy day?