The new album from husband-and-wife folk-rock duo You Knew Me When is called “We Found Roads,” and that couldn’t be a more appropriate title.

After all, YKMW’s principles — Karisa and Cie Hoover — left their home and their full-time jobs in Nashville, Tennessee in June of 2012 with a plan to tour the United States for a year.

But they never stopped. Or at least they haven’t stopped since.

Nearly three years later, YKMW is now two albums and hundreds of shows into its traveling adventure. And folks are digging what they’re doing. It’s easy to hear why; the band’s lush sound belies its limited membership. Karisa, a former school music teacher, plays the piano, ukulele, glockenspiel and other “percussive elements,” according to YKMW’s bio, while Cie, a former executive for Gibson Guitar, plays the guitar and other “rhythmic nuances.”

It’s those percussive elements and rhythmic nuances that set “We Found Roads” apart from typical folk fare. YKMW’s music spills over with catchy melodies, beautiful harmonies and pillowy acoustic guitar, as well-crafted folk music often does. But Karisa and Cie also use rhythm to imbue their songs with a strong sense of momentum.

“The album is a reflection of mile-markers and moments derived from giving up everything and finding new paths together,” says the bio. And on “We Found Roads,” you kind of feel like you’re along for the ride.

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You Knew Me When; 9 tonight; $5; The Astro Lounge, 939 NW Bond St., Bend; or 541-318-0116. —Ben Salmon, For The Bulletin