Deschutes County

Hayden Homes LLC to Eric Resnick, Merrick Subdivision, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 9, $179,125

Recontrust Company N.A. to Bank of America N.A., Heierman McCormick Addition, Lot 1, Block 3, $261,323.08

Recontrust Company N.A. to Bank of America N.A., Neal Addition, Lot 5, Block 1, $303,920.82

Recontrust Company N.A. to Bank of America N.A., Hillman, Lots 10-16, Block 14, $190,932.89

Recontrust Company N.A. to Bank of America N.A., Deer Forest Acres, Lot 7, Block 5, $197,547.02

Recontrust Company N.A. to Bank of America N.A., Kings Forest First Addition, Lot 13, Block 3, $307,922.32

Scott D. and Jennette R. Olson, trustees for Scott and Jennette Olson Living Trust, to Perry D. and Rosario Logan, RiverRim P.U.D., Phase 10, Lot 451, $365,000

Augustine J. and Michael A. Nastari, trustees for Nastari Family Trust, to Alvin K. and Janet L. Majorowicz, Cliffs, Lot 24, $220,000

Stephen Ashley to Clarke and Andrea Sowers, Oregon Water Wonderland, Unit 2, Lot 87, Block 31, $310,000

Frank E. and Monica J. Platt to Hattenhauer Distributing Co., Townsite of Redmond, Lot 3, Block 64, Township 15, Range 13, Section 16, $225,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Julius A. Bernard Jr. and Lynn H. Bernard, McCall Landing, Phase 1, Lot 99, $209,950

PNC Bank N.A. to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lava Ridges, Phase 2, Lot 48, $335,000

Kenneth R. and Margaret M. Erickson to Kenneth N. Jensen, Lava Ridges, Phase 2, Lot 41, $295,000

Deja Vu Building Associates LLC to Pinnacle Productions LLC, Township 18, Range 12, Section 6, $1,000,000

Calvin T. and Jean C. S. Mukumoto to Adam S. Harbison, Bee Tree Subdivision, Lot 3, Block 1, $217,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to David A. and Tamara L. Henderson, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 1, Lot 84, $346,500

Bend Equity Investments a partnership of John B. Taylor and Ryan Duble to Rocky L. and Martha A. Gorder, Awbrey Butte Homesites, Phase 2, Lot 3, Block 6, $1,195,000

Todd and Deborah Vinson to Clinton S. Triplett and Meredith L. Fiore, Old Mill Terrace, Lot 7, $290,100

Bridges at Shadow Glen LLC to Pahlisch Homes Inc., Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 1, Lots 24, 59 and 60, $190,000

Wood Hill Enterprises LLC to Jerald L. and Sandra D. Heinemann, Forest Meadow, Phase 2, Lot 4, $260,000

Daniel E. Graham to Jacob R. Johnson and Allan K. Daniels, Traditions East, Lot 31, $219,000

Karen Frazier to Gregory S. Jones and Heidi Bernhard, Crest Ridge Estates, Lot 25, Block 3, $265,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Orhan Konez, Forest Park 1, Lot 4, Block 1, $210,000

Chris L. and Margaret L. Lillegard to Randy D. Couture, trustee for RDC Trust, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 1, Lot 65, $252,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Matthew M. and Sarah L. Miller, Aspen Rim No. 2, Lot 201, $275,000

Recontrust Company N.A. to Bank of America N.A., Deschutes River Woods, Lot 18, 180,909.35

Brett and Kristine Moreland to R. Bradford Patrick, Second Addition to Bend Park, Lot 7, Block 156, $270,000

Christine M. and Phillip J. Des Rosiers to Pensco Trust Company fbo Bonnie Gaunt Wilson IRA, Old Mill Heights, Lot 19, $302,500

Mark A. Benzel and Kristine R. Weatherill to David A. and Janet N. Hawkins, trustees for David A. Hawkins and Janet N. Hawkins Family Trust, RiverRim P.U.D., Phase 2, Lot 169, $562,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to AKPAC Investments LLC, Badger Forest, Phase 2, Lot 21, $180,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to AKPAC Investments LLC, Badger Forest, Phase 2, Lot 29, $174,000

Marcia Kimball to Kent L. Rasmussen, Mountain Peaks, Phases 3 and 4, Lot 47, $155,000

Bums Hideout LLC to Renee M. Smit and Douglas D. Nelson, Kenwood Addition to Bend, Lots 1, 2 and 8, Block 16, $300,000

Michael J. Tennant to Judith A. Miller, NorthWest Crossing, Phases 9 and 10, Lot 432, $338,000

Daniel G. and Laura L. Hickmond to Richard and Louise Korban, River Canyon Estates, Lot 55, $305,000

Garry D. and Patti J. Mode to Mark Petrillo, Wildwood Park, Lot 7, Block 3, $320,000

Gregory and Karen Huston to Steven S. and Arlene Stafford, Broken Top, Lot 321, $619,500

CH 65660 Swallows Nest 071 LLC to Yon-Tsui LLC, Villas at Pronghorn Townhomes, Lot 3, $650,000

Mark and Barbara Kramer to Gregory M. and Marla J. Fields, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 8, Lot 372, $395,000

Mike and Tonna Wilkins to Brian D. and Kristin E. Marshall, Westbrook Meadows P.U.D., Phase 3, Lot 11, $284,750

Peter B. and Kathryn K. Archie to Larry E. and Cathie L. Raaf, Township 14, Range 11, Section 28, $439,000

Robert N. and Garnet K. Wilson to William D. McCoy, Cascade View Estates, Phase 1, Lot 233, $185,000

Robert J. and Jefferson B. Davis to David M. Kostial and Jennifer A. Stockbridge, Westbrook Meadows P.U.D., Phase 3, Lot 27, $275,000

Jack W. and Marsha A. Thomas to Kevin J. Snavely and Shawna L. Arland, Heights of Bend, Phase 2, Lot 55, $335,000

Shelley and Corrinne Grudin, trustees for Grudin Family Trust, to David and Patricia Doyle, Champion Ridge, Phase 3, Lot 31, $496,000

Brooks Resources Corporation to Greg C. Larsen and Elaine O’Brien Larsen, North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 5, Lot 121, $210,000

Leader Builders LLC to Joseph P. and Lyle L. Oberto, $475,000

Northwest Trustee Services Inc. to Washington Federal Savings, Township 14, Range 13, Section 34, $276,367.70

Olen H. Lee trustee for Olen H. Lee Trust and Lois E. Lee trustee for Lois E. Lee Trust to Stephen Junkins and Elizabeth A. Jacobi, Boulevard Addition to Bend, Lot 4, Block 17, $225,000

Terry L. Decanditis to Randi K. Schuyler, Kenwood Gardens, Lot 1, Block 5, $170,000

Harris H. Huynh to Ji Wen Qiu and Hui Qin Qiu, Desert Skies, Phases 3-5, Lot 69, $183,000

William R. and Linda Perkins and Joseph A. and Tawny Amelio to Roger T. and Kaie Stoops, River Canyon Estates, Lot 95, $248,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Jeffrey W. and Suzanne M. Burgin, Aspen Rim No. 2, Lot 198, $316,382

Sheri M. Mesa to Twyla J. Delamarter, Traditions East, Lot 21, $212,500

Crook County

Lela M. Kirk successor of Mary M. Hunking and Arlene M. Phillips to Tommy B. and Dalores C. Moore, Township 16, Range 16, Section 2, $158,000

John N. Say to Fred D. Tarwater and Jeanne M. Preston, Ochoco Heights, Lots 2 and 3, Block 5, $206,000

Joyce L. Garrett to Ann C. deKozan, trustee for the deKozan Family Trust, Pioneer Heights, Phase 1, Lot 8, $151,000