A crane lowers a fermentation tank as R&H Construction workers guide it into place Wednesday at the Deschutes Brewery production facility in Bend.

Five fermentation tanks are being added to complete a new, 10-tank system at the brewery. The new system has the potential to increase the brewery's capacity to 460,000 barrels annually, or about 14.2 million gallons. The first five tanks came online last year.

The tanks were made in Burgstadt, Germany. They left the plant in February and were shipped out of the port of Vlissingen, Netherlands, to Surrey, British Columbia, and then to Bend via truck. Special permits on the road were required, and power lines had to be raised in some areas.

The tanks weigh about 29,000 pounds each when empty. Each tank will hold about 1,300 barrels of beer.

Piping, wiring, integration and commissioning still remain and will take place in May, June and the first part of July. Deschutes Brewery hopes to be fully functional with this new addition by mid-July.