For the third day in a row, Oregon reported more than 200 new cases of the coronavirus.

The Oregon Health Authority reported 247 new coronavirus cases on Sunday. The day before, there were 277 new cases and, on Friday, 250. The agency reported no new deaths.

The number of new cases in the past seven days, 1,406, account for 17% of all of Oregon’s coronavirus cases, which stand at 8,341.

Within the past 14 days, new coronavirus cases have made up one third of the state’s total case count.

The record of 278 cases was set on June 16 days ago, boosted by the state’s largest outbreak to date, at a church in Northeast Oregon’s Union County.

Multnomah County saw the highest increase of any county with 52 cases. Umatilla County had the second-highest increase with 48. Marion County had the third highest with 43.

Umatilla County has seen its cases skyrocket after an outbreak at Lamb Weston, a food products supplier.

Since the start of the investigation into Lamb Weston on June 16, Umatilla County has recorded 335 new coronavirus cases — 72% of its 467 total cases.

Officials did not offer an explanation for the large increase in cases for the past three days, but cases have been increasing for a month. Public health experts have said the increase is a result of Oregon’s reopening, which began in most counties on May 15, and Oregonians who have not been following public health measures.

On Friday, the Oregon Health Authority said residents should prepare to see “exponential growth” in coronavirus infections in the next three weeks — with roughly 900 to 5,000 new daily infections possible under moderate to pessimistic models.

Oregon’s numbers reflect a nationwide trend. According to The New York Times, more than 20 states are seeing upward trends in new cases.

Where the numbers grew

New cases announced Sunday were from the following counties: Clackamas (18), Clatsop (1), Columbia (1), Deschutes (8), Jackson (9), Jefferson (3), Josephine (1), Lane (3), Lincoln (3), Malheur (11), Marion (43), Morrow (8), Multnomah (52), Polk (3), Umatilla (48), Union (2), Wasco (3), Washington (29), Yamhill (1).

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