Bend closure

A closed sign is posted in the front window of L & K Barber Shop in downtown Bend.

Deschutes County has been given approval by the governor's office to enter Phase 1 of reopening after weeks of public and business closures meant to curb the spread of COVID-19.

A memo from Gov. Kate Brown dated Wednesday and addressed to Deschutes County Commission Chair Patti Adair says "I am pleased to inform you that your county’s application to enter Phase I on May 15th has been approved."

Brown goes on to discuss the risks of reopening:

"I want to be clear that reopening does not come without risks. With every restriction lifted we know transmission of the virus has the potential to increase."

But as of Friday, businesses including restaurants and bars, salons and retail establishments will be allowed to reopen with social distancing practices and other measures to protect the public and employees from infection. 

This is a breaking news story and will be updated. 

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Diesel Don

LucyLu, Funny. I was thinking you have no authority to risk my life to possibly enhance your finances. Death versus temporary economic hard times...


This is good. Based on the reported infections in Deschutes County this seems like the right time to test the waters. This is hard for everyone. Hard to understand, hard to see the way forward. Glad we have reasonable and science based leadership to guide us.



Funding Secured



Tyrant Kate Brown has no authority to destroy our life to potentially save another....

Thomas Who

Absolutely right!

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