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COVID-19 in Oregon

Total cases as of Monday, Jan. 24* 

Deschutes County cases: 37,530 (38,929 new cases)

Deschutes County deaths: 226 (1 new death)

Crook County cases: 4,872 (200 new cases)

Crook County deaths: 62 (zero new deaths)

Jefferson County cases: 5,983 (105 new cases)

Jefferson County deaths: 71 (zero new deaths)

Oregon cases: 570,923 (10,947 new cases)

Oregon deaths: 5,953 (17 new deaths) 

COVID-19 patients hospitalized at St. Charles Bend on Monday: 76 (7 in ICU).

Of the 76 COVID-positive inpatients, 28 are fully vaccinated. In the ICU, 1 of the patients is fully vaccinated.

*Monday's report included new cases and deaths reported since Friday.


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