Bend-La Pine Schools will honor its 1,444 graduating high school seniors this May and June through five graduation-themed billboards — one for each high school.

The billboards, each of which will be located as close as possible to the school it represents, will have individual photographs of graduating Bend-La Pine seniors, according to a press release from the school district.

Contractors will begin work on the billboards Monday morning, the release stated.

Here are the locations of all five schools’ billboards, according to the school district. The graduation billboards will remain up until June.

  • Bend High School: intersection of NE Ninth Street and Wilson Avenue
  • Bend Tech Academy
  • at Marshall High School:
  • SE Third Street at the underpass
  • La Pine High School: U.S. Highway 97 at Moonlight (in May only) and the intersection of U.S. Highway 97 and Wickiup Junction (in June only)
  • Mountain View High School: intersection of U.S. 20 and Purcell Boulevard (May and June)
  • Summit High School: Butler Market Road at the railroad crossing (May and June)

Bend-La Pine will also be broadcasting pre-recorded graduation ceremonies on television and its Facebook page in June.

— Bulletin staff report

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Congratulations to all the graduates! You did it!

I recommend attending a community college for the first two years. I did, and then I applied to 3 colleges and was accepted to all of them. My teachers at community college wrote references for me, and I am sure this helped a lot. I ended up graduating from USC with a BS degree in Biology (molecular). When I first arrived at USC, I felt that I was ahead of all my classmates. I had really good study habits and lab skills. I was a serious student. Honestly, I am sure that I could not have gone straight from high school to USC and survived. Actually, a lot of my friends dropped out after their first year at a 4-year university.

My friend was never good in math, and she cut classes a lot in high school. She went to community college with me. She started with beginning math (like arithmetic and beginning algebra), worked herself all the way up though the highest level of engineering-level Calculus, and took a full year of it (differential and then integral). She worked her way up by taking math in the summer and every quarter until she finished her last Calculus class. We were in a lot of classes together. She is now graduating with a BS in Biochemistry and headed to graduate school. She also says that she could not have gone straight into a 4-year college from high school since she had a lot of catching up to do.

Anyway … I am really serious about enrolling in community college first. COCC is great. You can live in the dorm (although kinda pricey), and they have a really nice big gym. It’s better to go to COCC than OSU-Cascades, because if you have to drop out for some reason at OSU then it looks really bad if you decide you want to transfer somewhere else. And also, when you get to the higher level classes at OSU-Cascades, the chances are pretty high that you will be stuck having to take them in Corvallis, and who the heck wants to be there!

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