Meet the marrot

Poking fun at meatless burgers, Arby’s unveils the marrot — a carrot made from meat

It has been christened the marrot. In the past year, several prominent restaurant chains have … Read more

Virtual drivers operate vehicles from miles away

The days of human drivers may be numbered once fully autonomous vehicles hit the road, … Read more


• X-Press Printing, a 30-year-old commercial printing firm, was named to the Top 100 Small … Read more

Lawmakers tell tech execs: ‘I don’t trust you guys’

WASHINGTON — Lawmakers leveled stinging criticism and sharp questions at Big Tech executives Tuesday, attacking … Read more

Digital books outpacing traditional textbooks

Publisher to release all future U.S. editions digitally first

The world’s biggest educational publisher will release all future editions of its U.S. titles digitally … Read more

City of Bend asked to revoke permission for bar

Boss Rambler Beer Club opened amid lawsuit over parking

On May 15, 2018, Boss Rambler Beer Club co-­founder Kate Molletta and her landlord, ­Katie … Read more

Britain selects computing pioneer Alan Turing to honor on 50-pound note

He was one of the most influential code breakers of WWII

LONDON — Alan Turing, the computing pioneer who became one of the most influential code … Read more

Amazon critics use Prime Day for widespread protest

Amazon critics and competitors are turning the retailer’s fifth-annual summer sales event into a platform … Read more

National business briefing

Tech rally lifts stocks to record A technology rally drove U.S. stocks to fresh records … Read more

Oregon grocery workers point out gender pay gap

Fred Meyer supplied data for union’s wage analysis

In 1969, the “head girl” in bakery sales and snack bar at an Albertson’s grocery … Read more

U.S. tech firms cozy up to China despite trade turmoil

In a packed ballroom in Beijing’s national convention center, the executive from a major technology … Read more

Auto column: Small cars are being driven out of existence

Car launches are 10-a-penny, so it’s rare that a particular model’s demise captures the world’s … Read more

Analysis: Job reports showing low unemployment draw an incomplete picture

These should be the best of times for working people. After all, the unemployment rate … Read more

Reports: Facebook to get $5B fine

Facebook has agreed to pay a record $5 billion in a settlement with the Federal … Read more

Panel weighs in on Nike shoe recall

San Diego newspaper gets the opinions of business experts

Nike recently made the decision to recall its Air Max 1 USA shoe after concern … Read more

Judge: Amazon did not influence defense contract

Defense Department to choose between Amazon, Microsoft for $10B contract

SEATTLE — A federal judge ruled Friday that Amazon did not unduly influence the shape … Read more

National business briefing

Starbucks drops newspapers It’s the quintessential Starbucks experience: Walk in, order a piping hot cup … Read more

VW, Ford team up on driverless, e-vehicles

NEW YORK — Volkswagen will invest $2.6 billion into a Pittsburgh autonomous vehicle company that’s … Read more

People on the move

• Rick Hayes was hired as project manager at Brooks Resources. He previously worked as … Read more

Robocall scammers have a new trick

They’re targeting victims using stolen personal data

Scam callers are now using stolen personal information to tailor calls to specific consumers, posing … Read more

Shilo Inn in Bend headed for auction

Hotel owes $9.3 million

The Shilo Inn Suites Hotel in Bend is headed for auction after defaulting on about … Read more

Amazon to retrain one-third of workforce

E-commerce giant says 100K workers will gain new skills

Amazon said Thursday it planned to spend $700 million to retrain about a third of … Read more

National business briefing

Mega-dairy seeks to reopen facility The new owner of a troubled mega-dairy operation that violated … Read more

How do Portland kitchens pass or fail?

Inspectors decide if they get a ‘Complied’ sticker

Shannon Fost might wash her hands more than anyone you know. It’s the first thing … Read more

You can now try out Lululemon’s gear before buying it

Lululemon Athletica Inc. is flexing its muscles. The high-end yoga pants maker opened a Chicago … Read more

Oregon marijuana retailers say they lack fresh supply

Regulators unsure of scope of shortage

Retailers are beginning to feel the sting of a shortage of fresh Oregon cannabis, harvested … Read more

It’s the 40th anniversary — of the Happy Meal

Happy Meals, once blamed for childhood obesity, have become nostalgic

CHICAGO — Summer of 2019 is a summer of monumental anniversaries, reminders that we were … Read more

National business briefing

Malware infects Android devices Malicious apps from a campaign called “Agent Smith” have been downloaded … Read more

Businesses hit problems making goods overseas

NEW YORK — Danica Lause manufactured knitted hats in China for four years and struggled … Read more

What is the lowest paying job in Oregon?

Even while the national job numbers are looking good, a lot of Americans continue to … Read more

Powell hints at rate cut as risks loom

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell signaled Wednesday that the Fed could soon cut … Read more

Les Schwab Tire Centers sues glue supplier for $3.9 million

Rubber compound blamed for Bend company’s first recall

Les Schwab Tire Centers is suing a company that supplied rubber compound for retreading tires … Read more

Cities nationwide seek to build affordable housing

Officials use tax credits, subsidies and zone changes

WASHINGTON — The Wharf is a gleaming, $2.5 billion development that has transformed a long-stagnant … Read more

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