ICE Protest

Protesters raise their hands Aug. 12, 2020, as U.S. Border Patrol officers stand in formation at Crane Shed Commons in Bend

. Bulletin photographer Ryan Brennecke was honored for his work covering the ICE standoff.

The Bulletin, Central Oregon’s daily newspaper, won several awards in the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association Better Newspaper contest for 2020, including first place for general excellence.

General Excellence is the highest award presented to Oregon newspapers, representing the best of the industry. Second place was given to The Oregonian and third to Mid-Valley Media Group. The category is for newspapers with a circulation of 11,000 or greater. Judges were from the Arizona Newspaper Association.

The Bulletin also won firsts for best editorial writing by Editorial Page Editor Richard Coe; best graphics by Alan Kenaga for a full-page explainer map of the Santiam River fires; best photo essay by photographer Ryan Brennecke for his coverage of the Aug. 12-14, 2020, ICE standoff — protesters had surrounded two buses outside Crane Shed Commons in Bend, angry that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials had detained two men; and for best website,

Second-place awards were given to best special section for GO! Magazine; best educational coverage by former reporter Jackson Hogan; best spot news coverage by Suzanne Roig; and best web design.

Third-place awards were given to best special section for Pulse Magazine; spot news coverage by Kyle Spurr; and best photo feature by Brennecke.

The Bulletin is owned by EO Media Group, an Oregon-based family-run business. A total of 100 awards were given to EO Media Group papers, including general excellence to The Astorian, first in its group; Capital Press, second; and East Oregonian and La Grande Observer, third.

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Proud to be a Bulletin subscriber.


Congratulations. Well deserved.


Congratulations - well deserved. The Bulletin is an excellent paper. It is sad to see our old town's newspapers become shadows of themselves -- we are a fortunate community. Tamara Weaver

Transitory Inflation

Point me to the award winning Coe piece please.

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