Owner: Tetherow

Architect: Darren Thomas Architecture

General Contractor: SunWest Builders

Details: After about a year of construction, Tetherow resort expects to open Tetherow Lodges next month.

The $10 million hotel project consists of two buildings on Skyline Ranch Road, the 19,827-square-foot west building and the 21,067-square-foot east building. Together, they will supply the resort with 50 rooms, said Carrie Ramoz, marketing manager for Tetherow.

Ramoz said Tetherow expects the new accommodations will boost business.

“We had good partnerships with hotels in town where we would send our golfers,” she said. “But now we’ll be able to be a much more all-inclusive experience for people.”

Ramoz said the hotel is scheduled to open April 17, and it’s already fully booked for several summer weekends.

Jon Page, superintendent for SunWest Builders, said they are working on the finishing stages of construction.

“We’re working on our final inspections, and the owners are getting ready,” he said Friday. “We’re working on landscaping and exterior painting.”

Page said each room is a luxury suite with its own fireplace and balcony that overlooks the golf course to the north and provides views of Newberry National Volcanic Monument to the south.

The lodges are the next step in the overall development of Tetherow, said Chris van der Velde, general manager and managing partner for Tetherow.

“Their design and location are very fitting for what Tetherow is all about — great Central Oregon views and an inviting landscape for the outdoor enthusiasts,” he wrote in an email.

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