Deschutes County

Katherine L. Ralkowski to Robert W. and Ellen I. Barnett, Tamarack Park East, Phase 3, Lot 51, Block 1, $220,000

Camille J. Carson, who acquired title as Camille J. Pandian, to John S. and Yasuko Jackson, Township 17, Range 12, Section 36, $200,000

Stone Bridge Homes N.W. LLC to Frank M. and Carol M. Malone, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 19, Lot 796, $755,900

George L. and Barbara S. Edwards, trustee for the Edwards Revocable Trust, to Philip J. Cunningham and Katharine A. Dioguardi, Skyliner Summit at Broken Top, Phase 9, Lot 169, $465,000

David and Linda Hammerquist to Derin J. and Delight D. Abbott, Spring Meadow, Lot 4, $176,000

Colleen M. Reilley, trustee for the Reilley Family Trust, to David and Pamela Hauge, Glaze Meadow Homesite Section, First Addition, Lot 93, $399,000

VRE Crescent LLC to John R. Keys Jr., trustee for the John R. Keys Jr. Revocable Trust, and Susan G. Keys, trustee for the Susan G. Keys Revocable Trust, Tetherow, Phase 1, Lot 285, $305,000

First Federal Savings and Loan to Ronald B. and Kathleen D. Hostetler, Ridge at Eagle Crest 39, Lot 75, $390,000

Sharleen Boichel to Tifany and Kael J. Trevisan-LeGuyonne, Desert Woods II, Lot 4, Block 10, $250,000

Gabriel and Dayna Lanning to Philip C. and Carrie K. Wallace, Awbrey Park, Phase 3, Lot 105, $635,000

Barbara A. Sanger-Morales to James Ooi, Awbrey Glen Homesites, Phase 1, Lot 1, $500,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Stephen B. Henrikson and Terry A. Leggert, McCall Landing, Phase 1, Lot 106, $285,000

Douglas and Sharon Sheridan to Edward M. and Janine Jennings, Township 18, Range 13, Section 9, $185,000

• Hayden Homes LLC to Michael P. and Cheryl A. Garcia, Village at Cold Spring, Phase 4, Lot 109, $188,892

Jeffery R. Pickhardt to Martin E. Hohensee, trustee for the Martin E. Hohensee Revocable Trust, of 2012, 919 Bond Condominiums, Units 302, P2, P9 and S2, $850,000

Patricia C. Whiteford, Janet C. McChesney, Douglas L. Cooley and W. Richard Cooley to Brian Dapp, Fairway Point Village II, Lot 4, Block 10, $435,850

Andreas G. and Cheri D. Nager to Andreas G. Nager, Broken Top, Phase 3D, Lot 359, $575,000

Black Butte Ranch Corporation and Black Butte Ranch Property Management Corporation to Merlin R. and Claire L. Hart, trustees for the Claire L. Hart Revocable Trust, Golf Course Homesite Section, 15th Addition, Lot 319, $255,000

Lawrence C. and Kathleen D. Seymour to Matthew and Andrea Nicassio, Bend Cascade View Estates, Tract 2, Unit 2, Lots 18 and 21, $237,000

David H. and Pamela L. Schaben to Benjamin and Mirabela Eliason, Terrango Glen East, Phase 1, Lot 13, $375,000

Selco Community Credit Union to JPM Land Company LLC, Airport Business Center, Phase 1, Lot 1, $230,000

James F. Deighan to Michael J. Reedy, Boulevard Addition to Bend, Lot 14, Block 20, $286,000

Glenn C. and Martha S. Fisher to Jennifer LaFontaine, Township 17, Range 13, Section 19, $480,000

Copperline Homes Inc. to Fergal Donoher and Caprice Neely, River Terrace, Lots 9-11, Block 12, $645,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Lynn S.M. Miller, South Point, Lot 29, $202,716

• Christopher and Rose J. Kenny to Glen and Judith N. Churchfield, Boones Borough No. 1, Lot 20, Block 4, $365,000

Gilbert G. and Peggy J. Geihs to Robin Reed, RiverRim P.U.D., Phase 4, Lot 242, $395,000

Nancy Kowalski to Benjamin and Bethany Moore, Lava Ridges, Phase 4, Lot 172, $191,000

Thomas Whitney to David J. Chung, Barton Crossing, Phase 2, Lot 33, $305,000

Scott D. and Deena L. Wegner to James and Cindi Krauger, 1880 Ranch, Lot 9, Block 1, $528,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Scott D. and Deena L. Wegner, Bridges at Shadow Glen, Phase 1, Lot 33, $394,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Christopher M. Schalker, Obsidian Ridge, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 24, $258,167

Scott L. and Jennifer J. Spink to Kevin R. Farron, Cascade Vista P.U.D., Lot 5, $173,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Gerhard S. and Ann B. Hanson, Tasman Rise, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 13, $325,000

PWD Associates LLC to EBCC Ventures LLC, Points West, Lot 36, $473,375

Vergent LLC to Evelyn A. Evans, Township 18, Range 13, Section 17, $389,900

John and Lesley S. Carlon to Richard J. and Judith P. Darst, Southfork Village, Lot 3, Block 1, $449,000

Peter C. Wonacott and Xue J.Q. Liao to Linda L. Shearman, trustee for the Linda L. Shearman Revocable Trust, and Robert C. Shearman, trustee for the Robert C. Shearman Revocable Trust, River Village Condominiums, Stage 6, Unit 1, $285,000

Sara R. Lessar, who acquired title as Sara R. Brown, to RGTWY OR LLC, Township 17, Range 12, Section 9, $480,000

Faye E. Dempsey to Michael L. and Allison F. Hocker, Tetherow Crossing, Phase V, Lot 5, Block 2, $500,000

Judy Althoff to Lindsey J. Hopper, American West, Lot 2, Block 1, $225,000

John Melsheimer to Heidi H. Martin, Sierra Vista, Phase 2, Lot 24, $229,900

Jesse and Laurel Risenmay to Justin J. and Marie E. Risenmay, Township 16, Range 12, Section 12, $299,000

Steven A. and Kymme K. MacKelvie to Judy A. Althoff, Empire Estates, Lot 41, $219,000

Joseph B. and Gretchin Kingston to Scott W. and Shelly R. Knutz, Sterling Pointe, Phase 1, Lot 12, $265,000

Makena Custom Homes Inc. to Joel and Christine Vergona, Renaissance at Shevlin Park, Lot 36, $439,900

Jennifer Gallant to Guy B. Nutter, Tuscany Pines, Phase 1, Lot 19, $287,650

Neola R. McClain, personal representative for the Estate of Virgil L. Ross, to Paul Dewitt Jr., Bonne Home Addition to Bend, Lot 21, Block 21, $317,000

Oregon Housing and Community Services Department and the State of Oregon to Logan K. Bass, Deschutes River Recreation Homesites, Unit 9, Part 2, Lot 55, Block 53, $155,500

Nicole M. Hunzicker to Ross and Robin L. Judice, Plaza Condominiums, Unit 305, Parking Spots P63 and P64, Storage Space S43, $470,000

Michael Whelan to Richard P. and Mary J. Christen, Highland Addition, Lot 2, Block 16, $520,000

Marche Reddick, personal representative for the Estate of Virginia E. Reddick, to Bradford A. White, Bend Park, Lots 7 and 8, Block 83, $152,000

Canyons Land and Cattle Company LLC to Rick and Karyn Williams, Arrowdale, Lots 5 and 6, Block 1, Township 14, Range 13, Section 2-4, 9-11, 13 and 14, $599,900

Crook County

John G. Ayala and Teresa A. Page-Ayala to Wade L. Page, Ochoco Pointe P.U.D., Phase 1, Lot 62, $187,500

John and Connie R. Fahlstrom to John G. Ayala and Teresa A. Page-Ayala, Ironhorse 1, Phase 1, Lot 17, $225,000

Gerald L. and Lyn M. Woodard to Joyce B. Bayeur, Ironhorse 1, Phase 1, Lot 12, $207,000

Glen E. and Karen I. Hood to Patricia Bither, Ironwood Estates, Phase 3, Lot 66, $434,000

Haskel Black, trustee of the Haskel Black Living Trust, to Tony P. Woods, The Highlands Subdivision, Unit 2, Block 2, Lot 12, $170,000

Jefferson County

Herbert W. and Christine A. Burk to Harold and Tamra J. Kepaa, Marni Ridge, Lot 7, Block 1, $170,000

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Crooked River Ranch, No. 9, Lot 25, $163,345.58

Steven M. Gadd to Mark A. and Tanali N. Todd, Crooked River Ranch, No. 12, Lot 104, $189,000

Robert G. and Andrea L. Simmons to Cameron C. and Jennifer Stovall, Township 10, Range 14, Section 21, Parcels 1 and 2, $415,000

Gregory G. and Jacqueline S. Scott to Chris Speilberg, Crooked River Ranch, No. 12, Lot 102, $387,500

Mary A. Amsberry, Kyle M. Amsberry, Leah M. Amsberry, Sloan G. and Sheryl A. Bradley to Stephen J. Christiansen, Township 13, Range 9, Section 16, $345,000

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to Federal National Mortgage Association, Herzberg Heights Subdivision, Lot 5, Block 1, $182,645.28

Frank G. Snyder, trustee for the Snyder Survivor’s Trust, to Jonathan E. Spurgeon, Township 13, Range 9, Sections 15, 16, 21 and 22, $220,000

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to Northwest Community Credit Union, Township 13, Range 12, Section 22, $322,306.42

Kenneth N. and Sharon M. White to Tina M. and Eric C. Jorgensen, Bean’s Second Subdivision, Lot 12, $210,000