William A. Van Vactor Jr. to Matthew J. Shinderman, Sagewood, Lot 68, $375,000

Peter E. and Kathy L. Palacio to Garrett B. Wales, Partition Plat 1993-47, Parcel 2, $735,000

Rivers Edge Property Development LLC to Pahlisch Homes Inc., Rivers Edge Village, Phase 14, Lots 13-15, $255,000

Shannon Tully, formerly known as Shannon M. Boyd, also appearing of record as Shannon Boyd, to Tod and Kristina Jolly, Phoenix Park, Phase 3, Lot 40, $260,000

Doris J. Hethcote and Robert E. Starkie to Daniel A. and Elzina L. Marsh, Crooked River Ranch No. 5, Lot 65, $150,000

RD Building and Design LLC to William L. and Mary J. Cole, Breckenridge, Lot 19, $350,000

Roy Haney Jr. and Robin Garner to Pacific Coast Construction Inc., Amber Springs, Lot 10, $161,500

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Richard L. and Gayle M. Austin, Neal Addition Lot 5, Block 1, $220,100

Rivers Edge Property Development LLC to Pahlisch Homes Inc., Rivers Edge Village, Phase 14, Lots 13-15, Tract A, $255,000

Curtice W. and Heidi H. Martin to Keith A. and Barbara L. Powell, Tetherow Crossing, Phase 2, Lot 3, Block 3, $295,000

Darryl W. and Patricia A. Doser to Scott J. and Dianne Milum, Reed Market East, Second Addition, Lot 10, Block 3, $235,000

Ernest J. and Linda C. Webb to Roger and Cathern Allen, Awbrey Butte Homesites, Phase 6, Lot 29, Block 4, $465,000

F and P LLC to Brandon Ortega and Calli Sanell, Partition Plat 2008-27, Parcel 1, $188,000

Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Gail Slowikowski and Susan R. Mesenbrink, Eighth Street Cottages, Lot 10, $240,000

Kenneth J. Walker, personal representative for the Estates of Carma Jean Walker, to Michael A. and Kristina L. Spitz, Windsong, Lot 8, $220,000

Maria del Carmen Arenas Guerrero to John W. Eakin, Bluffs at River Bend, Phase 5, Lot 7, $400,000

John H. Frank to Sharon Taylor, Village Point, Phases 2 and 3, Lot 59, $157,500

Sharon J. Taylor to Patrick D. and Leeann Kinnan, Cascade View Estates, Phase 4, Lot 163, $249,900

Floyd W. Taulbee Jr. to Joshua R. Broady, Laurel Springs, Lot 40, $232,000

Tammy L. Ohlde to Harl T. Hawkins Jr., Stonehedge on Rim, Phase 3, Lot 8, $194,900

Tennant Family Limited Partnership to Gregory L. and Cristin W. Tolan, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 5, Lot 170, $455,000

Dana L. and Nancy L. Bratton to Sarah L. Bratton, Tamarack Park East, Phase 4, Lot 17, Block 6, $191,500

Michael B. and Susan L. McKay, trustees of the McKay Family Revocable Trust, to Jessica L. and Douglas C. Mohr, trustees for the Jessica L. Mohr Living Trust, Township 15, Range 9, Section 13, $2,400,000

Verson Pandian, trustee for the V. Pandian Living Trust, to John C. and Beverlee R. Jackson, Partition Plat 1998-69, Parcel 1, $719,000

Robert D. Cole to Tammy L. Ohlde, Credenda, Lot 16, $159,900

Timberhawk Investments LLC to Douglas C. and Dera S. Olsen, trustees for the Olsen Revocable Trust, Caldera Springs, Phase 1, Lot 156, $150,000

Michael L. and Allison F. Hocker to Dick W. and Gayle L. Sikel, Hayden Acres, Phase 5, Lot 6, $199,900

Federal National Mortgage Association, also known as Fannie Mae, to Mark French, Forest Meadow, Phase 1, Lot 6, $300,000