Larry E. and Charlotte P. Huber to Barbara Germano, Jefferson Meadow Condominium, Unit 12, $183,000

Ambrose Su to James D. and Nancy S. Bruce, trustees for the Bruce Family Trust, Partition Plat 2002-26, Parcel 1, $390,000

Sharon Picard to Cecilia and James D. Baker, Cinder Butte Estates West, First Addition, Lot 8, Block 2, $275,000

Roy I. and Josette W. Swan to Ryan M. Duffy, Township 17, Range 13, Section 31, $275,000

Robert A. Biorn and Bonnie Newson-Biorn to Nicholas J. Murray and McKenzie E. Dean, Staats Addition to Bend, Lot 12, Block 9, $299,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Travis M. Wise, Obsidian Ridge, Phases 1 and 2, Lot 5, $194,990

Brooks Resources Corporation to Jess Always Inc., North Rim on Awbrey Butte, Phase 4, Lot 79, $205,000

Denise J. Wood to Jesse B. Shaw, Deschutes River Woods, Lot 55, Block U, $170,000

Carolyn E. Fauerso to Wylie N. and Virginia M. Vracin, Winchester, Lot 3, Block 2, $150,000

Brett A. and Darli F. Ozbun to Robert G. and Elizabeth G. Stiles, Oregon Water Wonderland, Unit 2, Lot 42, Block 20, $154,750

Hayden Homes LLC to Danielle M. Russo, Aspen Rim, Lot 107, $282,520

Shari L. Teigen and William F. Wellard to George R. and Dianne F. Wargo, Pine Meadow Village, Phase 2, Lot 69, $375,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Maureen and Lonnie Filipek, Ridgewater II P.U.D., Lot 41, $364,900

John R. Mounts and Shea M. Reiner to John C. and Mary L. Fallini, trustees for the Fallini Family Trust, Township 17, Range 12, Section 9, $1,175,000

Denise Hamilton, trustee for the Denise Hamilton Trust, to Sarkis Khatchatzian, Quail Pine Estates, Phase 8, Lot 64, $295,000

Advantage Clinic Properties LLC to Advantage La Pine Qualicb LLC, Partition Plat 2007-27, Parcel 2, $465,000

JD Neel Construction Inc. to Harry Stumpf and Patricia Rodgers, Enchantment on Deschutes, Lot 8, $624,900

Thelma J. Allen to Rebecca L. Roach, Raintree, Lot 1, Block 2, $285,000

Melcher Family LLC to Baker Properties LLC, Partition Plat 1992-23, Parcel 2, $450,000

Michael E. and Natallee R. Turner to Thomas W. and Valorie K. Linhares, Ridge at Eagle Crest 17, Lot 12, $448,000

Patricia M. Wallin, trustee for the Patricia M. Wallin Revocable Living Trust, to Kathleen L. Shilala, Ridge at Eagle Crest 11, Lot 30, $174,900

Richard L. and Jelinda S. Carpenter, trustees for the Jelinda S. Carpenter Revocable Living Trust and the Richard L. Carpenter Revocable Living Trust, to High Returns LLC, Partition Plat 1994-46, Parcel 1, $387,500

Matthew M. Weaver and Lisa M. Graham, who acquired title as Lisa M. Weaver, to Patricia M. Wallin, trustee for the Patricia M. Wallin Revocable Living Trust, Ridge at Eagle Crest 55, Lot 101, $175,000

Gregory C. and Paddee M. Neff, trustees for the G&P Neff Revocable Trust, to Kimberly A. and David R. Jostad, trustees for the Jostad Living Trust, Pine Canyon, Phase 3, Lot 42, $205,000

Linda K. Hayes to Thomas A. Vreeland and Donna M. Bodnar, trustees of the Thomas A. Vreeland and Donna M. Bodnar Family Trust, South Village, Lot 13, $175,000

Lynne M. Besbekos, personal representative for the Estate of Fern Adeline Haugen, to Froehlich Enterprises LLC, Skyline Ridge, Phase 2, Lot 25, Block 4, $150,000

Paul and Penny Thorne to Jayme S. and Sara S. de Vasconcellos, Canyon Ridge Ranches, Lot 5, $246,000

Jack Kelley to Scott W. and Shelby A. Oliphant, Northwest Townsite COS Second Addition to Bend, Lot 7, Block 20, $334,000

Houston Equity Corporation to Vernon H.L. Tyerman and Jennifer A. Kerry, trustees for the Kerry-Tyerman Family Trust, Vandevert Ranch, Phase 1, Lot 6, $1,750,000

Chet Antonsen to Trevor D. and Kristin C. Wigle, Empire Village, Phases 1-3, Lot 18, $282,000

Curt R. and Tammy L. Loch to Nick and Linda S. Amoroso, trustees for the Nick and Linda Amoroso Living Trust, Lava Ridges, Phase 4, Lot 131, $265,000

Daniel and Marci Drum to Robert and Sarah Lesko, Summerhill, Phase 1, Lot 2, $234,400

Marie Nickerson to Nancy Kerins, RiverRim P.U.D., Phase 7, Lot 353, $397,000

James Eckstein to Charles W. and Donna J. Mills, Winchester, Lot 6, Block 2, $187,000

Fredric Hardy to Jeffrey D. and Beverly J. Hamlik, Osprey Point Condominiums - Replat of Parcels E, H and L into Units 8, 11 and 15, Unit 15, $525,000

Josie M. Lancaster to Jeffrey A. and Linda Nelson, Awbrey Butte Homesites, Phase 22, Lot 6, Block 22, $550,000

Isaiah DeMarco to Susan W. Duffy, Fairway Crest Village 4, Lot 14, Block 31, $305,000

Randa S. Houck, trustee for the Lois E. Bilyeu Revocable Trust, to Scott L. Wells, North Rim, Lot 9, Block 8, $157,800

Ronald R. and Bonnie J. Ruby to Marie Nickerson, Lane Knolls Estates, Phase 2, Lot 38, $382,500

Robert N. and Alicia B. Harmon to Kevin P. Smyth, Center Addition to Bend, Lot 16, Block 40, $215,000