By Rachael Rees

The Bulletin

A Salem convenience store owner plans to build a four-building commercial development called Boyd Acres Retail in northeast Bend.

Jim Landin of BLRB Architects said the goal is to start construction in May on the project on Boyd Acres Road, north of Empire Boulevard.

Plans call for a cluster of retail buildings totaling nearly 16,000 square feet — two buildings each about 5,000 square feet and two about 3,000 square feet each. He expects the project to be completed in phases, beginning with one small and one large building.

Landin said the look of the development will be similar to the Woodside Plaza, home to Baltazar’s Sea Food Restaurant and other businesses, on the corner of Southwest Knoll Avenue and Southwest 14th Street.

The development is intended to provide shops and stores to nearby neighborhoods. The concept is to minimize driving time for residents.

“These (commercial) zones create these little areas where shops pop up and people can use that as a gathering point, or a place to buy a loaf of bread or a six pack of beer,” he said.

Landin said the property owner, Lal Sidhu, also owns US Market and is considering opening a market in one of the buildings.

Sidhu could not be reached for comment.

Plans for the development have been in the works since 2006, Landin said.

“It was one of those projects that died during the recession,” he said. “The original owner that we designed it for lost the property back to the bank in foreclosure and Lal’s group came in and bought it.”

Landin said his company is working on four projects halted by the recession that are now coming back to life.

“I think banks are starting to lend again,” he said. “Most of the projects that we’re seeing right now have a housing component to them.”

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