Deschutes County

Green Planet Properties LLC to Dan W. Clark, successor trustee, for the benefit of David C. Stonerod, personal representative for the Estate of John P. Stonerod, Peaceful Pines, Lot 6, $184,868.46

Mark and Christy Banazek to Andrew and Esther Mathers, Pine Canyon, Phase 2, Lot 16, $160,000

Alan A. and Kathleen A. McNeil to Elizabeth and Larry J. Prasek, Traditions East, Lot 33, $275,000

Matthew M. O’Conner and Kiaora O’Conner, also appearing of record as Kiaora Bohlool O’Conner, to Shaun P. McRae, Westside Meadows 2, Lot 17, $253,000

Mark R. and Kay M. Metzger to Kathleen A. Rowlett, Deschutes River Recreation Homesites, Unit 6, Part 1, Lot 30, Block 75,$189,000

Joan L. Drewes, trustee for the Joan L. Drewes Revocable Trust, to Jack Bridges, Township 18, Range 13, Section 3, $485,000

FC Fund LLC to PacWest II LLC, Eagles Landing, Lots 24, 25, 33, 38 and 56, $362,500

PacWest II LLC to Pensco Trust Company Custodian fbo Scott A. Bedbury IRA, Eagles Landing, Lot 20, $271,317

Gary D. and Linda K. Wimberly to Cody L. Moore, Second Addition to Whispering Pines Estates, Lot 30, Block 19, $368,000

Hayden Homes LLC to Sharon Parr, Antler Ridge, Phase 2, Lot 26, $164,990

John W. and Vickie Hornbeck to Pensco Trust Company fbo John W. Hornbeck IRA, Squaw Creek Canyon Recreational Estates, Lot 4, Block 7, $154,000

Jo Ann Jeffers, trustee for the Harold and Jo Ann Jeffers Trust, to Bend Metropolitan Park and Recreation District, Township 17, Range 12, Sections 18 and 19, $1,845,000

Ran Floyd to Kyle and Jade A. Pettit, Timber Haven, First Addition, Lot 2, Block 6, $185,000

Ann M. Colucci to Wing C. and Lorna L. Lo, West Ridge, Lot 1, Block 1, $300,000

Paul A. Selman to Perry and Kathy Lenhart, Shadow Glen Estates, Phase 2, Lot 10, $261,740

Douglas and Victoria C. Boudinot to Judith A. Johnson, Forest Meadow, Phase 1, Lot 21, $329,000

Daniel C. Cummings, trustee for the Daniel C. Cummings 2010 Revocable Trust, to Pennev Chapin-Zeigen, Ridge at Eagle Crest 13, Lot 70, $205,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Debra L. Dunham, Red-Bar Estates, Phase 2, Lot 67, $155,000

Nathaniel R. and Laura S. Korb to Aaron A. Webre, Tamarack Park East, Phase 2, Lot 35, Block 1, $215,000

MWSH Bend LLC to CHP Bend High Desert OR Owner LLC, Partition Plat 2002-67, Parcel 1, $13,600,000

Kevin R. and Lisa M. Luther to Randy L. Wadsworth, Terrango Glen, Phase 4, Lot 78, $395,000

Michael L. and Jennifer L. Bell to Victoria C. and Douglas M. Boudinot, Starwood, Lot 8, Block 4, $310,000

Dennis R. and Dorothy N. Adair to Michael E. and Kathleen R. Woodard, Ponderosa Pines, Lot 41, $189,900

Jeanne M. Young to Sheilin Herrick and Travis Garrecht, Westside Pines, Phase 2, Lot 17, $280,000

Erik Menten and Marcia Marthaller, James W. Weil and Elizabeth Menten to Aaron M. and Kelly E. Hibbs, Forest Park 2, Lot 5, Block 16, $454,000

Meloling Construction LLC to Jennifer L. and Michael A. Chesney, trustees for the Michael Alan Chesney and Jennifer Lynn Chesney Joint Living Trust, NorthWest Crossing, Phase 17, Lot 762, $459,000