What: Endurance Product Design LLC

What it does: Provides product design consulting and contracting services.

Pictured: Founder Steve Langenderfer

Where: 48 SE Bridgeford Blvd., Bend

Employees: One

Phone: 541-610-2882

Website: www.endurancepd.com

Steve Langenderfer has designed products for a mix of different companies, from Freightliner in Portland to Structus Building Technologies in Bend. But he noticed the manufacturing industry was working with freelance designers more frequently, and he decided to switch gears.

“I think there’s definitely more of a market for that, and that’s what I want to be able to provide,” Langenderfer said.

In 2015, Langenderfer founded his own company, Endurance Product Design, in Bend. In his role with the company, he meets with product designers, ranging from midsize companies to independent inventors with little more than an idea, and helps give them what they need to succeed.

While the portfolio of services at Endurance Product Design varies dramatically depending on the scope of the project, Langenderfer said Endurance Product Design will do everything from developing prototypes to networking with manufacturers to set up a supply chain.

“I think I have a very pragmatic approach to things,” Langenderfer said. “I really help people focus on what’s essential.”

More established manufacturing companies in larger markets can churn through projects for different clients. However, Langenderfer said Central Oregon primarily has small to medium-sized manufacturing companies, along with a growing cohort of inventors, who often prefer a more personal touch.

“I think there’s a need for a more service-based approach here,” Langenderfer said.

He has five products in the works, and his client base ranges from biotech companies looking to manufacture particular parts, to a solo entrepreneur with an idea for a device that helps keep skiers balanced without poles.

He said he prefers to sit down with inventors to get a sense of what they have in mind and build a relationships. For small inventors, who might be less familiar with the design and manufacturing process, he’ll point out potential design and marketing pitfalls. For more established companies, Endurance Product Design provides an outside perspective and a different skill set from in-house designers.

“They get to bring in someone who has drawn on a variety of experiences in a variety of industries,” Langenderfer said.

Endurance charges an hourly rate, though Langenderfer said that rate varies dramatically depending on the scope of the project. He said a simple project takes around three months to transform from a concept to a functional prototype.

“It really is about getting ideas to that point of permanency, where there’s something tangible,” Langenderfer said.

—Reporter: 541-617-7818, shamway@bendbulletin.com

Q: Where do you see the business in 12 months?

A: I don’t have plans to bring on any full-time staff. I really want to grow the business in the sense of having a solid reputation in the limited number of projects I can take on. I want to be able to partner with people where appropriate.

Q: What are some of the trends you’re seeing in the product development world?

A: With the technological connectivity that we can have nowadays, it makes it possible that I can work on a project in Eugene without being in Eugene very often. We can share data back and forth and really stay in touch well without worrying about a physical separation.