Building permits for Bend, Redmond and Deschutes County

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Heritage NW Bend LLC, 21158 Thomas Drive, $205,191

CMW Development Inc., 2568 NW Rippling River Court, $235,000

CMW Development Inc., 2560 NW Rippling River Court, $235,000

Hayden Homes LLC, 63816 Wellington St., $283,496

OCAT Inc., 63102 Pikes Court, $304,518

CMW Development Inc., 2552 NW Rippling River Court, $306,990

1925 Townhomes LLC, No current address, $310,264

Dawn and Brian Holman, 61605 Woodriver Drive, $319,118

US Rental Properties LLC, 1748 NW Steidl Road, $418,318

Deschutes County

C.O. Development Inc., 4201 SW 42nd St. Redmond, $224,340

Deborah Feeley, 60309 Zuni Road, Bend, $226,153

School District No., 16360 1st St. La Pine, $232,364

Hayden Homes LLC, 3538 SW Obsidian Place, Redmond, $234,319

Rodney and Tamara Neff, 15776 Shellie Lane, La Pine, $240,027

Faithwork Development LLC, 1345 SW 35th St. Redmond, $244,139

Peter Dinsdale, 925 E Horse Back Trail, Sisters, $245,144

Mike Pontelandolfo, 64597 Wood Ave., Bend, $246,774

Faithwork Development LLC, 1341 SW 35th St., Redmond, $249,729

Pape Properties Inc., 352 NE Hemlock Ave., Redmond, $250,000

C.O. Development Inc, 4120 SW Badger Ave., Redmond, $251,972

SGS Development LLC, 2378 SW Metolius Ave., Redmond, $251,975

Kine LLC, 64584 Strickler Ave., Bend, $252,196

SGS Development LLC, 2362 SW Newberry Loop, Redmond, $253,145

Tammy and Jason Howland, 1110 NE King Way, Redmond, $255,000

Olaf Bolken, 9820 NW 12th St., Terrebonne, $258,932

SGS Development LLC, 2334 SW Metolius Ave., Redmond, $266,845

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