By Joseph Ditzler

The Bulletin

Work is expected to begin Monday on a new, 2,000 square-foot wraparound deck outside the Bend Brewing Company on NW Brooks Street, the brewery president said Friday.

“It’s going to be a fun summer. We’re really taking Bend Brewing Company to the next level,” said Patrick “Packy” Deenihan, president and co-owner, with his father, Edward Deenihan, of the brewery. “If it wasn’t on your radar before this summer, we’ll be right up there with everyone else.”

Stemach Design & Architecture designed the new space. R&H Construction is the general contractor, and work is expected to take eight to 10 weeks, Deenihan said. He expects to have a grand opening in mid-June.

Bend Brewing Company bought the vacant property on the south side of the brewery, where a portion of the deck will be built, from a California company, CFLP LLC, in July for $800,000, according to Deschutes County property records. The deck will also wraparound the west side, facing Mirror Pond.

Deenihan said CFLP, which also owns the lot north of the brewery, has no definite plans to develop it, although he’s discussed ideas with one of the CFLP partners, Steve Cavanaugh of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Plans for the new deck will double the outside space at the brewery and include a level surface from west to south with radiant floor heat and heated benches, a pergola and 28-foot-long gas-fired pit, he said. Also, the deck will have racks for 20 bicycles and a parking lot with space for 13 vehicles. The deck will have a bicycle-tuning station with a pump and tools hung from cables for quick tune-ups, Deenihan said.

The deck will have a view of Mirror Pond and access to a landscaped area near the pond where dogs and children will be welcome.

“I think we’ll have the best outdoor area in Bend once this is complete,” Deenihan said.

Plans for the deck are one part of changes at the brewery, the second oldest in Bend, and bought by the Deenihans, including Packy’s wife, Leslie Deenihan, in January 2016. Since then, the brewery has changed its bottle size and redesigned its labels, installed a new window on the Brooks Street side and leased equipment at Silver Moon Brewing’s brewpub on NW Greenwood Avenue to increase production.

Deenihan, who has been looking for a permanent place in which to expand brewing operations, said he expects to brew about 1,000 barrels at Bend Brewing Company and another 400 barrels of beer at Silver Moon this year.

“The idea behind that is to supply the increased business on the lot we’re developing,” he said. The need to increase production has been apparent for some time, he said. “We were in the middle of the summer (of 2016) and pretty close to running out. This is a short-term fix.”

James Watts, Silver Moon co-owner, said Friday that most Silver Moon production takes place at its new brewery in Redmond, leaving tank time available for Bend Brewing Company at the Greenwood Avenue brewpub.

“We let him know we had increased capacity,” Watts said. “It’s fully his staff, his brew team that’s otherwise brewing at the Bend Brewing Company facility, and their recipes.”

Deenihan said he’s expanded distribution to retailers in Portland, Salem and Eugene and downsized the Bend Brewing bottle size from 22 ounces to 16.9 ounces.

“It’s a little less volume, a little better price point,” he said, “and a little less intimidating to try 16 ounces of beer you’re not familiar with.”

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