Deschutes Brewery is expanding its distribution in January into southeast Virginia, the brewery announced recently.

Under a contract with Chesbay Distributing, part of the largest beer distribution group in the U.S., Deschutes will become available in Tidewater region cities including Williamsburg, Newport News and Virginia Beach.

Deschutes Brewery in March announced plans to build an $85 million production brewery in Roanoke, Virginia, 280 miles from the new distribution area, according to the brewery news release. Chesbay Distributing is a division of Reyes Beverage Group, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, and the nation’s largest distributor, according to the release.

Partnering with Chesbay will fill gaps in Deschutes’ distribution map in Virginia. In May, the brewery announced a partnership with Blue Ridge Beverage Co. Inc., of Salem, Virginia, to distribute its products in southwest and central parts of the state.

—Bulletin staff report