Boneyard pub pushed to spring

Plans by Boneyard Beer LLC to open a pub on NE Division Street have moved into 2017.

Brewery co-founder Tony Lawrence said plans for the pub, which in June he projected would open before the year was out, have “morphed.” Tuesday, he said several factors, including his own travel, had contributed to a slowdown. Lawrence said he has a deadline in mind but would not describe the change in plans as a delay.

The Bend brewery on Saturday posted a message on Twitter that the pub is taking longer than anticipated and should open by spring.

Ranked by in-state beer sales, Boneyard, available only in draft, is the third largest brewer in Bend and the seventh in Oregon, according to Oregon Liquor Control Commission beer reports. It sold nearly 15,000 barrels of beer through August this year in Oregon, about 3,000 barrels more than the brewery sold during the same period in 2015.

—Bulletin staff report