Amazon hosted a grand opening and media tour for the one-year anniversary of the robotics fulfillment center in Troutdale, Oregon on August 1, 2019. (copy)

Amazon hosted a grand opening and media tour for the one-year anniversary of the robotics fulfillment center in Troutdale on Aug. 1, 2019.

Amazon has notified employees of another case of COVID-19 at its Troutdale warehouse, the second infection there in just over a week

The online retailer notified Troutdale employees Sunday and said the infected person was last at the site on Friday, according to a copy of the message viewed by The Oregonian. Amazon sent a similar notification to employees about a separate coronavirus case in the same facility last Sunday.

Amazon calls its $180 million, 855,000-square-foot Troutdale facility PDX9. It employed 2,000 there before the outbreak but has hired hundreds more to meet a surge of orders that accompanied the pandemic.

Amazon has continued operating throughout the coronavirus outbreak, delivering products even as many stores across the country shut down. Amazon’s warehouse workers have become increasingly vocal about concerns that working conditions don’t allow for adequate spacing, and The Verge and other news outlets have tallied seven deaths among the company’s workers.

Photos that Troutdale employees sent to The Oregonian recently showed employees standing close to one another, frequently without masks.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the latest infection but told employees in an electronic message that it is requiring employees to wear face coverings, conducting temperature checks, staggering shifts and requiring workers to maintain distance from one another.

Amazon says it has invested “hundreds of millions” of dollars to develop its own capacity to test employees. PDX9 in Troutdale was among the first sites where Amazon began piloting those internal tests last month.

It’s not clear whether the two Troutdale infections were uncovered through that testing or if those two workers were showing any symptoms of COVID-19.

Oregon has fielded more than 3,700 complaints of unsafe working conditions during the coronavirus outbreak, including more than 20 about Amazon.

But there have been only a few documented cases of large, workplace outbreaks. Those include seafood processing plants in Astoria and a frozen food processor in Albany.

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