By Kristian Foden-Vencil

Oregon Public Broadcasting

On the eve of Oregon’s temporary ban on flavored vape products, Marcus Nettles of Rose City Vapors was selling his inventory for 40% off.

He said he’s frustrated by the ban because he’s just going to lose customers to the internet.

“You can get online — you can order whatever you want at whatever age because there’s nobody on your computer or your cellphone saying you’re not actually 21,” said Nettles, who plans to fight the temporary ban during the next legislative session.

Oregon state epidemiologist, Dean Sidelinger, noted that buying flavored vape off the internet is a violation of the new ban.

“Online sales of flavored vapor products will be banned in Oregon. So these products cannot be purchased in person or online or by any other means in the state of Oregon,” said Sidelinger.

The state is imposing the ban after nine Oregonians were sicked, including two who died, from a lung illness associated with vaping. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 1,300 people across 49 states have been sickened during the outbreak.

A number of vapers confirm Nettles’ worry, saying they expect to circumvent the ban by going online and ordering from a state where there is no flavor ban. Rose City Vapors customer Matt Menard said if he buys online, he doubts he’ll get caught.

“I will order online from any location that will deliver to wherever I’m at to get what flavor I want and the nicotine content,” said Menard.

He said he gave up smoking three years ago and has now stockpiled three bottles of his favorite mixture. He said he may even learn to mix his own liquid at home to get around the ban.

Oregon’s six-month ban goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday morning. Lawmakers are expected to consider a bill to make the ban permanent during the next legislative session.