By Adam Duvernay • The Register-Guard (Eugene)

Arcimoto is here. It took a dozen years to get the three-wheeled electric brainchild of homegrown inventor and Arcimoto founder Mark Frohnmayer designed, built and delivered, but several long-waiting customers were expected to drive home Thursday in a Eugene-built vehicle called the Evergreen.

Retail production of the Arcimoto “fun utility vehicle” is officially underway, the company announced Thursday morning. Customers in Oregon, California and Washington soon will start receiving their FUVs as they come off the assembly line at the Eugene factory.

“I started the company because I went looking for a vehicle that didn’t exist,” Frohnmayer said. “That vehicle is now here.”

Arcimoto hosted a launch event Thursday at its W. Second Avenue factory. Three Eugene customers were expected to get their FUVs at the event.

The pre-order list for the Arcimoto Evergreen is more than 4,000 people long, and many on that list have been waiting for years. Arcimoto’s Evergreen is the latest in a line of prototypes, and Thursday is the fulfillment of many promised-but-missed delivery dates.

The Evergreen is a fully electric three-wheeled vehicle designed to take drivers around town in an effort to cut down on the emissions of gas-powered cars and, at about 5 feet wide, reduce the amount of space cities must dedicate to personal transport.

The two-seater FUV has a top speed of 75 mph and an EPA-rated city driving range of about 100 miles per charge. The $19,900 Evergreen comes with removable half doors, lockable rear storage, a charging cable, heated seats and grips and Bluetooth speakers.

Arcimoto is using the FUV platform to develop two other vehicles to meet niche purposes. Its Deliverator model is designed around getting packages and food to front doors.

Its Rapid Responder model will be outfitted to assist emergency personal such as paramedics.

Frohnmeyer said it will still be some time before the company can make a dent in its pre-order list.

The Eugene assembly plant currently can manufacture just one FUV a day.

“We’re shooting for five a day toward the end of the year. Then, within 12 to 18 months of production start, we want to be cranking 200 vehicles a week,” Frohnmeyer said.