Lizzy Acker

The Oregonian

Even while the national job numbers are looking good, a lot of Americans continue to work low-paying jobs, according to a report by Yahoo Finance.

Across the county, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows, many of the worst paying jobs are in the food industry — servers, bartenders and cooks in many states end up at the bottom of the wage ladder. But in Oregon, one of the states with less than 1% of hourly employees earning at or below federal minimum wage, the food industry is not where you find the workers who make the least.

Here, the state’s minimum hourly wage — which went up to a standard rate of $11.25 on July 1 — is higher than the federal hourly minimum of $7.25.

And according to Yahoo’s map of lowest paid occupations, in Oregon, the lowest paid hourly workers are making over $24,000 a year.

So, who are those lowest paid workers? “Recreational Protective Service Worker,” which includes lifeguards and people on ski patrol, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.