Bulletin wire reports

Trump renews attacks on Fed

President Donald Trump renewed his criticism of the Federal Reserve Monday, saying the Fed erred in lifting interest rates last year and put the United States at a disadvantage to China. Trump, in an interview on CNBC, said the Fed “made a big mistake.” The president seemed to lament that the Fed, which is independent of the White House, did not operate like China’s central bank, which is largely subservient to the government. His latest rebuke comes at a pivotal moment. The Fed has begun reorienting policy toward potential cuts amid slowing growth.

Salesforce to buy data company

Technology vendors have been going on for years about the rising value of data. But information that can’t be understood is not worth much. That recognition is now driving some costly bets, topped on Monday by Salesforce’s $15.3 billion deal to buy Tableau Software, a Seattle-based maker of widely used tools for turning arrays of numbers into more understandable charts, graphs and maps.

Nissan, Renault relationship sours

Nissan Motor condemned as “most regrettable” a decision by its French partner, Renault, to withdraw support for the Japanese automaker’s efforts to overhaul its governance. The message signals a new low in the relationship and reflects the fallout from the collapse last week of a proposed merger between Renault and Fiat Chrysler. Nissan’s hesitance to agree to the deal was a contributing factor in the breakdown. Concern over the growing rift prompted two top government officials of France and Japan to issue a statement Monday urging both automakers to work together.